Monday, March 4, 2019

Almost but not Quite

Was hoping to show a finished photo of Lititz Hens but it isn't quite finished.  There's only a small section to hook but has been so long since I've seen a view on the computer decided to take a photo anyway.

Remember how red the hen on the right always looked before?  This time the photo was taken with my iPad.  This is more true to the colors I see.
Am loving this Magdalena Briner Eby design.  And in case you're wondering, neither this rug nor the Magdalena Goat rug appear in the book shown below.  Those two were discovered after publication of the book.

However, the booklet is a wealth of knowledge about Magdalena, her life and her rugs.  You can purchase a copy HERE.
My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered loss in the recent devastation of tornadoes and flooding.



  1. Your rug is looking fabulous and the colors do look different.

  2. Almost done, saundra!
    Just love this!
    As I do , all ur mats!
    Terrible storms,,, oh my,, how devastating, ,,, so sad!
    Crazy mother nature,,, at times,,,
    quiet here ,,, dusting of snow overnite and brrrr cold temps!
    Kittys dont even want out,,, and they are used to being outside alot,,,,
    They are ready for spring, too,,,
    Thanks for update,,,
    Take care,,,

  3. wonderful rug one of these days i will hook one of her rugs. It is awful what happened in Georgia so sad.

  4. You have captured her style completely. Love it.

  5. Your rug is beautiful ….love your colors !!!We all need nice Spring weather .

  6. that’s amazing!!!!! So wonderfully folky and primitive! It made me think of one of the first rugs I did (my first and only 6 cut and my first and only using “recycled” wools). I will have to think on where I stashed that one. Nothing like yours at all, but it does have chickens LOL. ~Robin~


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