Tuesday, March 12, 2019

What a Difference a Background Makes

When we each start a rug on our own, or even at a rug camp, we sorta have an idea what color background we want.  It's either light or dark.  Sometimes I'm not quite sure which way to go when picking wool for rug camp so will pack samples of both values.

Last year at Cape May in a class with Lucille Festa, my table mate Weslee was working on Lucille's Uncle Bullets pattern.  The rug wasn't done by the end of camp but was recently posted on a FB hooking group.  If you aren't a member this is the treat you would have seen.
OMG, be still my heart!!  It was hooked mostly with hand torn and looks old as the hills (translation "Beautiful").

At rug camp and watching Wes hooking knew it was going to be gorgeous and admired her steady hand ripping and hooking those hand torn strips.  On Thursday it was time for the 'throw down' of camp rugs in progress.  This was her rug that day.
OMG, do you see what a difference a background color makes?  I thought it was wonderful before, but look at the previous photo finish.  Although I'm guilty of reverse hooking a LOT of loops, must admit it would have been a sad several minutes to pull out those light loops already hooked. But for sure Weslee made the right call.

Good job Wes.



  1. Love weslees mat,,,,
    Probably , I would have done the light background , too,,,,
    Awesome how the dark really adds to it,,,
    Looks more antique! ,
    THANKS for sharing this ,,, saundra,,,
    Have a great day,!

  2. Wes hooks amazing rugs. Love that dark background!

  3. That rug looks just beautiful , the colors are perfect ! It really looks like an antique .

  4. She did a superb job!

  5. I so need to see things like this...I am so not very visual and this really slaps me across the head. Love the antique dark background....even though I would have probably started (and ended) with the lighter....and only regretted it if someone showed me how it could have looked...

  6. Nice to see both backgrounds. What a difference.


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