Friday, March 29, 2019

HAVING FUN (Updated)

While I didn't draw this antique adaptation I'm having fun hooking it albeit making design changes as I hook.  If you scroll down you will see some Sharpie line changes made on the pattern purchased from eBay.  

Please, I'm NOT bad mouthing the person who drew it as this was her interpretation of the antique.  Plus, the pattern was a great deal on good linen so purchased it.  As I love antique adaptations so much now realize I should draw out all future patterns for myself.  

Anyway I'm HAVING FUN!!!!  This is what the Early Farm Rug looks like now.  You can see the top area hooked is close to the original design (BELOW) but not as drawn on this pattern.
I've a way to go on this smallish rug but know it will be a very happy piece when I'm done.  
Happy Friday to all of you and have a great weekend.


P.S.  Lauren asked how 'smallish' IS smallish.  Answer is 20 x 28 and notice that I'd cropped the linen photo too short so all the size didn't show.  

She also wanted to know what size cuts I'm using ~ the dark lines in the top center between colors is #6 I cut.  Otherwise it is #8.5 or whatever smaller size comes from my worm baggies. 


  1. Please define "smallish" 😬
    May I ask what size cut you are using?

  2. Lots of color changes. Doesn't really matter how big the rug is, how many noodles are on the couch with you (heehee, I'm just being ornery.). It is definitely a fun piece.

  3. Its a fun start, saundra!
    You will enjoy,,,
    Our springlike weather just turned into wet snow this am!!
    Oh well, its still march!
    Enjoy ur weekend,,,
    I plan in hooking, if this weather keeps up,,,,

  4. I like what you're doing so far!
    #6 is small for me too!


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