Saturday, March 2, 2019

Some Eye Candy for Rug Hookers

This first pretty floral with a geometric border isn't really an antique since it was hooked around 1940.  But is vintage and worth seeing; measures 24 x 36.  Still has nice crisp colors..
The Deer rug below is from the June and Sandy Worrell estate and measures 22 x 56.
Below is a closer look of the left side and right side.
Have you ever noticed that old hooked rugs of animals always seemed to show them with their tongue sticking out?  Wonder why?  If they wanted to define the mouth they could have just used a very thin piece of fabric.  Yeah, I know....they used what they had 😉.
A Floral Fraktur from Pennsylvania dated 1851 and measuring 17 x 33.
Beavers doing what they do best, measures 27 x 42.
Crossed Flags with oak leaf border.  Measures 36 x 41.
Rug with a date February 1906.  I'm wondering if this was a wedding rug with the 'knot' or perhaps fish (Christian symbol) depicted center top and bottom.  Rug measures 23 x 51.
And then the rug I've recently fallen in love with.  Don't plan to hook it yet as my project for April rug camp has already been established.  And since my  mood swings from hot to cold so quickly who knows how long it will be before it is on my frame.
Happy weekend to all of you.



  1. Always enjoy a rug show ! The last one is really pretty . I am still in my darn boot clumping around the house , so am still hooking & punching away !!!! Thank goodness I have all these fun things to do and hope when warm weather does finally come , I will be walking more normal !!! Hope you don't get much snow !

  2. yes a wonderful show of old rugs

  3. The deer sticking their tongues out is a hoot! Also, the Feb '06 lazy 8 is also the infinity symbol so maybe something important happened. (Purely a guess). They are beauties.

  4. great rugs..that February one is interesting...

  5. Love these antiques!
    Fun, fun,,
    Love the one you like!
    Can see u doing that one!
    Its been abit snowy yesterday,, and today but nothing much,,,
    No shovelling!
    Hope u stay away from stormy weather,
    Happy hooking,,,
    Doing some finishing up if things,,, hopefully,,, today!
    Take care,
    And thanks for sharing ur love of rug hooking,,,

  6. Oh, I do love that deer rug. Surprising because I would normally choose one of the florals. Thanks again for sharing.

  7. You always pick the best rugs to show!! Thanks for sharing them!

  8. I never noticed the tongues in many rugs. Very interesting! The deer rug is my fav too!

  9. Great samplings Saundra! I really like the deer rug (never noticed that about the old rugs, but now will be looking for them LOL) and the fracture, but I am absolutely in love with that last one!!! Oh how I wish you would hook it because I want to see! I am trying to get my hooking mojo back...but have to keep that one in mind if it that mojo ever does decide to show up..... Robin


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