Sunday, March 10, 2019

Binding Lititz Hens

All hooked and almost completely bound...the front.
And the back.
The binding get finished as I've been listing items on eBay all afternoon.  But needed to do a blog post so here it is.

This is being bound with 3" cotton binding tape.  It is a product I've used before and purchased a whole roll of it some time ago.  The company offers various widths and in cotton or polyester tape.  It seems pricey but if you have a friend or two who would go together the roll could be divided  equally and make it more affordable.

Something else this width is good for is making a durable sleeve at the top for hanging.

In a previous BLOG POST I showed how this same binding tape was used on my antique adaptation of Santa and Deer rug.

Happy Sunday everyone.



  1. Love this rug ! That twill binding is nice & wide !!! Nice to have that all done !!!

  2. Beautiful rug! This turned out exquisitely!

  3. Great finish Saundra! What name do you sell under on Ebay?? Cold and blustery here....but I am pretty sure we got less than the 8" of snow last night they were saying we would. Fine and good by me. Have a great evening ~ Robin

  4. You are getting that bound quickly! You go, girl.

  5. Its wonderful, saundra!
    Wow,,, you are very productive! And organized,,,,
    The colors are awesome,,,,
    Its a great mat!
    Congratulations, ,,,
    Have a great day,,,


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