Thursday, March 21, 2019

Throw Back Thursday

Let's go back to 2016 when the Out of Hand Rughookers Group hosted a "Spring Challenge".  The great design was by Kelley Belfast  who was inspired by the spring daffodils in bloom at the time.  There were limited rules and a deadline in order to be included for a prize.  Each of the registered challenge entrants were allowed to vote.

Although I didn't capture photos of all entries here are the ones saved on my flash drive.  There was a bounty of nice prizes provided by Lori Brechlin who is the hostess of the Group.

First rug was hooked by Joanne Miller.  That Honeycomb wool is a great one to have in your stash because it is so versatile.
 The colorful rug below hooked by Louise Budde.
Peggy Skulski hooked the black sheep version.
Below is Gladys LaForge's version of the design and looks like her daffodils were done in proddy. 
 Jean Bartel chose a more neutral color palate.
 Karin Manuel decided her sheep was a grey one.
Below was my entry and I also chose to do proddy daffodils
Anne Donaldson also chose a more colorful wool palate with her sheep standing in a field of daffodils.
Linda Mageske decided to make hers round and have the American flag fly proudly.
This rug below was hooked by Shari VanArt with her sheep standing on a spot where two vine-like flowers are growing.
Thanks to Lori for hosting the challenge and to Kelley for her design.



  1. That was fun to see ! So many great details & color choices ! Thanks for sharing ! Would be fun to have a challenge again !!!

  2. only snow to inspire here but wonderful pieces.

  3. Only 3 years ago? to me, it seems longer.
    I sold mine. One of only a few I've ever sold.

  4. Thanks for sharing these!
    Love them all,,, and yours is awesome!
    I was late to the challenge ,, but did a punch version,,, with embroidery floss!
    It is a fun one,,,
    Snow in forecast today, after several days of springlike weather and sun,,,
    Oh well,, the snow will disappear eventually!!
    Have a great day!!

  5. I love seeing post like this because it never ceases to amaze me how each individual is so very are their interpretations, renderings, and creativity. All so very different, but each beautiful....It is nearly on impossible to choose a favorite. It always does me good to see a post like this to see that others are receiving snow....and we are not. Not that I wish that on anyone, but it serves to remind me of another blessing to count. Happy FriYay.... Robin


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