Monday, March 23, 2020

Oh My.... What About That SKY?

Okay, here's the pattern on my frame ~ it is called Windy Day by W.Cushing.  Before getting to the sky issue, want to confess that I increased the black cat at the bottom another 15%.  At least it would be closer in size to the yellow cat on the left and a tad easier to hook.  Still couldn't get those damn ears to look right but they have been ripped out and re-hooked so many times that I just don't care now.  
Now I'm wondering what to do with the sky to make it look like wind.  So pulled somewhat darker sky colors for the swirls and took a photo to see if it looked okay.
Hmm, not so much.  Then found Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.  Now I see the curls should be lighter than the regular sky to make it appear as wind.  Okay.... tomorrow I'll try and tackle that.  So had it all planned out wrong in my cranium.
Hope all of you are staying healthy.  Sure as heck hope I stay that way too.  Enjoyed my salad tonight with more broccoli sprouts.



  1. This pattern is on special at Cushings this month. I saw it on her facebook page.
    I am sure it will be wonderful!

  2. Oh love it,,, that house!
    What fun,,,
    Sky will be awesome, knowing you, saundra!

  3. What a hoot! Love it. As the others have said - looks like a fun rug. How often do you get to hook a bent house and flying critters :-)

  4. Looking good !!!!! And the Wolf Huffed & he Puffed !!!!!

  5. Love the little kitties. Good luck huffing that house down with your new wind color choices! Janice

  6. wonderful rug..the black cat looks just right...

    1. Thanks Kelley, for some reason your emails don't reach my 'in box' and didn't see this until I went to the comments to delete spam.

  7. I am loving this rug LOL.... and now a Van Gogh influence....all the better!! ;-) Seriously, though, sometimes we are too close to see the forest.... As I was reading and you said you decided to do the wind swirls dark, it actually popped into my head that I would have done them light....then I read on.... Now, had I been hooking this, I am sure that thought would have been no where NEAR my head LOL.


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