Thursday, April 9, 2020

What's New..... (Updated with a p.s.)

What does this container of neutral worms.....
This blank linen.....
....well it's blank on one side but the other side was once a pattern I'd drawn of The Cousins now cut in half.  
and this scanned page from an old magazine issue have in common?
They all relate to my new project, a Cats Paw design you see on the table in the photo above.  After turning the page my eyes went straight to that rug  ~ no, there wasn't a pattern for it in the magazine so drew up my own.  After  seeing the cats paw design I knew it had to be next on my frame.
Windy Day isn't done yet but wanted to start a second project so I've something to show on my blog without being repetitive and boring.  Does anyone wish to join me?  It isn't difficult to draw circles and the more wonky the better.  So if you'd  like to join me pull out a piece of linen any size to hook a chair pad, small mat or more sizable rug.  Mine measures 15 x 24 using up half The Cousins pattern.

Those worms didn't need to be gathered as they were already sitting on my cutting table as they hadn't been separated and put away.

Hope this blog post catches each of you feeling well.  


     p.s.  After publishing this post I received this email from Pat Cross:
                         "Cats Paw - the magazine that picture came from is OLD!!  It's the picture that gave me the idea for "Antique Pennies" that's in my first book.  I hooked my version 20+ years ago.  Can't wait to see yours!  Be safe....Pat"

The book Pat is referring to (she has 2 books) is Purely Primitive.  Here is a picture of the book in case you have it on your shelf or if you'd like to purchase one from Amazon.
Hope all is well with my friends, and happy hooking.



  1. I am not good at two rugs at one time but I like the idea!

  2. Hi Saundra,
    I wish I could join you but like Cathy, I am a "one rug at a time only" person!! I love the idea and think I would certainly love to try that one!!! I also want to do a "Hit and Miss" sometime!! Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing your progress!! Stay safe and well, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  3. This looks really great , but still working on my "Friends" rug …..I have to keep this in mind though ...would be pretty & fun !
    Have a Happy Easter !!!

  4. You are tempting me!!! I still have a basket of worms out from the hit and miss I just finished. Also have about two more worms to pull on a mat that is a door prize at this fall's guild hook in (God willing!). Today I put three small patterns on linen...two Halloween and one Christmas. I need to get busy on the 2019 Christmas gift...but my mind just can't concentrate. It is going in 20 different directions. This whole plague thing has be so out of sorts. I fear for our country.
    OK. "Nuff said :)

  5. Oh how I wish I could even pull a few loops right now. With working overtime now, I only have time for the three lil witches I started. I keep looking at my stash of wool though.... Janice

  6. Well, this does sound enticing because I can't bind my Gillford runner and only have my welcome cats rug started but haven't found my notes for...oh, and a Christmas stocking...but, alas, I have no linen since I never do up my own patterns...and worms?? Well....there's a bit of an issue there. Unlike every other rug hooker I know, I do not have a stash of worms....mine are all with the extra wool, if any, for the individual project .... in labeled ziploc know, in case a loop comes out of one sometime and I need to replace it???? (No, I don't know what I was thinking....) ~Robin~

  7. Does this mean you've given up on the cousins rug, at least for now? Or did you start from scratch with drawing it out?

  8. Saundra,,, my friend has done the mat in pats book a few times!
    And love the cats paw,,, as I have sooo many wool worms,,, oh my,,,
    I would love to join you,,, I do have a few hookings on the go,,, but with the way things are going,,, will be a long haul,,,
    Will sort out my linen and draw one similar to urs!
    It will be smaller,,,
    Great idea!
    Have good easter,,,,

  9. I LOVE this pattern. Had made a nice start on it ...a rather large pattern, too....last year. Unfortunately Mattie ate a very large hole through every layer of it. Couldn’t even salvage enough for a small foot stool. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours.


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