Friday, December 18, 2020

A Vintage Santa

Several years ago I hooked my first Christmas holiday rug.  It was this vintage Santa and Deer which is on my harvest table.  It is brought out every year during Christmas and I enjoy it still.
I've seen this design hooked with tongues on the border and other finishes but I wanted mine to be a basic edge so the central figures would catch the eye and not the border.  Yes Santa has short legs and the deer a long torso.  But this was an early primitive rug and that's what makes it so dear.  Just checked my log and this was hooked 2014 so not as long ago as I'd thought.

Currently......wool whipping has begun on Over the Moon ~ HA!  maybe 3" so far 😄 in other words, not too far along on the whipping.  Have also been pulling loops on my new project and I can see a bit of a challenge with this one ~ sorta like a puzzle me thinks.  Again I'm not far enough along to show what little I've accomplished.



  1. I like vintage Santa just the way he is. 😁🎄

  2. I absolutely love that rug. Some version of that has been on my hooking bucket list for many years!!!

  3. This Santa Rug is Beautiful !!!!

  4. I adore your rug GF.... I have hooked some small Christmas items...and a stocking (and 3/4ths), but hooking a larger Christmas rug has been on my "wanna do" list for a long, long, time...but I never found the exact one... Ok...maybe that isn't the entire truth...and I even ordered a pattern at some point, but I guess it's more that I don't really start thinking about it until after Halloween and then know I would never ever get it done or even fairly started. The ones I am thinking of are it would have to go on the quilt rack outside of the loft room and right now there's a quilt throw there for Christmas that my SIL made and I'm more than good with that. But gee....I did get around to hooking a large Halloween rug for there...go figure. ;-) Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


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