Tuesday, December 8, 2020


I'm not progressing as fast on this small rug as I'd hoped for a couple reasons.  First I wanted to finish the dog house and some background before taking a photo; then it was to finish the blue moon.  One day led to another and tonight just caved to take a photo.  
The pattern is Over The Moon and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  It is a cute whimsical design and I have a place for it on a wall here.  But it would be a nice piece to hook for a child or grandchild.  If you're a fast hooker you could get it done by Christmas or perhaps for their birthday.  But  hey ~ I did this for ME, lol.


  1. Define small??? LOL... This is really a fun, fun, rug...love it and your wonderful color choices! ~Robin~

  2. This one’s adorable, but not the antique I was expecting.

  3. This is really cute & would be perfect for a little one !!!

  4. Fun, fun, fun.
    Yes. Define small please :)


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