Thursday, December 10, 2020

Throw Back Thursday and Rug Hooking Too

The other day I saw something which reminded me of a photo from my past.  The image was vivid in my mind so proceeded to search for it thru several photo albums.  Actually went thru them several times ~ was determined to locate that photo.  That's another reason for the 'slow poke' comment on my previous post.  Thank goodness finally found it.

This is a photo of me in 1982 having recently moved back to Delaware from California after my first husband died a year before.  This was my first job upon returning home, with a sheet fed printing company named Peninsula Press.  
Someone at work just had a baby and was handing out cigars.  Well, me being a ham decided to stick it in my mouth put on my bosses hat with a self-printed 'PRESS' pass on the side and pretend to write out the new development 'news' of the birth.  

Oh what a difference 30+ years makes in the aging process and socially.  Back then I was running road races (and winning in my age group), doing strength training (lifting weights), had no cares in the world and looking to the future.  Fast forward to today ~ I ran  my last 10k when I was 50 and stopped running about 5 years later.  I stopped weight training about the same time.  Today, with this political climate I'm not nearly as hopeful for the future.  Okay, moving right along.........

On yesterday's blog post someone commented that Over the Moon would be a great rug for a 'little one'.  There aren't any little ones in my family and none planned for the near future.  Since I've so many rugs and no chance of stopping hooking by choice, just might list it on ebay once it is finished.

A few months ago I'd planned to draw some mitten patterns, hook one as a gift and one for me.  Now it is 2 weeks away from Christmas and I didn't do it.  I'd hooked several in the past but sold them at shows so don't have any in my Christmas container.  Since I'm anxious to start the antique adaptation guess it won't get done this year.  

Here is the cute mitten with real holly, fake berries and sweet annie tucked inside.  They each had a wire hanger attached on the sides.
The pattern is a design in a Kindred Christmas booklet by Kindred Spirits,  pictured below.
Happy Thursday to you all.



  1. What a fun post to read ! Love this picture !!! All your running & strength training has kept you strong & healthy !!
    I was at my hairdressers today and she even said clients are depressed and stressed . We all miss our family gatherings and even more at Christmas. Thanksgiving was hard enough to pass seeing family , but Christmas is the frosting on the cake . She went on to tell me of people she knows who own business's in the area that didn't believe in wearing a mask & thought Covid was all a hoax , well one died & his brother is in the ICU . It's people like this who have spoiled the holidays for all of us . It is just so frustrating !
    Lets just hope that things will get better in 2021 slowly but surely .

  2. PS ....Love your Mitten , I have that book & need to hook mittens of my Grand Kids hands ! I had the Mom's trace their little hands & was going to hook a matt , but think this would be even cuter & they can measure their hands every year ! Thanks Saundra !!!

  3. Loved the throwback pic. What a hoot! Also love any kind of mittens and stockings. Janice

  4. such a fun picture! I love your mitten too.

  5. A fun walk down memory lane for you.

  6. A fun picture,,,Saundra!
    What memories,,,,
    Good to keep moving I tell myself,,,,!!

  7. Cute photo!! Yes, life and change certainly move on.

  8. LOVE that photo of you LOL.You truly are a girl after my own heart. And with every blog post of yours that I read, I learn something new, surprising, and fascinating about the weight lifting and running. You really do have some "Wonder Woman" gnese in you. Cute, cute, ute mitten. I did hook a little mitten years back...but just as an ornie.... I should dig it out sometime. ~Robin~


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