Saturday, December 5, 2020


Today I'm yet another year older...yup.  I woke up again this morning and happy to be alive.   A couple days ago I treated myself to something I didn't need but wanted.  At November rug camp, my tablemate Loris (in the photo) had a wonderful tablet cover which I fell in love with.  See that gorgeous hand-tooled leather looking iPad cover!!  Well I wanted one also.
So went on-line shopping and found something a tad different ~ I contemplated buying the same as Loris had but decided on this one.  It arrived yesterday just in time for my birthday to enjoy the new iPad2 cover.  You can see it also holds my iPad pencil.
After reading a blog post by Janice (Prims by the Water) about long johns I decided to gather mine from the attic.  For hangers I've used a limb from the yard and a piece of jute for the hanger.  This one in the kitchen has a scarf around the neck.
And another hanging at the entrance to my computer room has a little vintage garland trim around the neck.
Since today is dreary and rainy (AGAIN !#&*?!) I pulled out the dye pots, gathered some ugly wool and doing some primitive black.  A flash always finds the hidden bright colors so these may go back into another pot of primitive black dye, but will see how it looks with the naked eye when I get ready to use it.   Also, my brother called to wish me happy birthday so the pots didn't get stirred like they should and dye is not distributed equally.  
I have selected my next project and have it on linen.  Didn't want to be caught without something on my frame like before and just grab something to satisfy my fix.   But you'll have to wait to see what was chosen and keep you guessing  😁

Water water every where.  I told my son and brother that I want a boat for Christmas.  Look at this yard and back woods. 



  1. Sorry the weather is dreary but happy birthday!!!!! I love the new case good self present. We have had rain all day it is lightly snowing right now we are suppose to get 5 to 8 inches. I love your long johns very festive.
    I can not wait to see what you chose for your frame next

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Love your long Johns. That’s a lot of water you have. Does it ever dry out? Looking forward to seeing what you have chosen to hook. Bet I know.

  3. Happy Birthday Saundra. Love your long johns! Thanks for the plug. Many folks along the river near us have been flooded out. Not good. Hope your water recedes. Janice

  4. Happiest of Birthday Wishes my sweet friend! (I was going to say 'Mummy Dearest" but resisted ;-) ). I am glad you treated yourself to something special. The cases are beauiful (both!)...I see so many fun ones, but I am stuck with a plain boring black thing as I HAVE to have a keyboard and that's how they come. Hey...perhaps there's a new product idea??? I am really liking that wool second/third from the bottom. Would make some great Christmas stockings...or something Christmasy/wintery. Yikes on the rain and sogginess. It's been many weeks since we have had any precipitation here...Very, very, strange for us and I fear it doesn't bode well for the rest of the winter. Well, I hope you spend your birthday night with a nice Cab in hand, and with happy thoughts. ~Robin~

  5. I hope you had a great birthday. Hard to celebrate with people this year.

  6. Happy birthday,Saundra!
    Hoping for some sun here ,too,,we have snow,,so that brightens things up,,,
    Have yourself a great day,
    Love UR new Cover!

  7. Hope you had a Very Happy Birthday & your special gift to yourself is a Beauty !!! It was a miserable rainy & snowy day here in Western ,Mass , but luckily we didn't loose power or get more than a dusting of snow. Can't wait to see what your next hooking project will be !
    Hope your yard dries up fast !!! UGH !!!

  8. Lovin' the long johns!
    I bet you're glad that's water and not snow!!!
    Hope the birthday was the best ever :)


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