Wednesday, December 23, 2020


In the picture below is a goose feather tree I made several years back.  The round white base is from one of the columns from my paternal grandfather's front porch.   It was salvaged by my father when the front porch was removed and then recovered by me.  The fencing was a found piece in a thrift shop.
Decades ago I was an avid baker; from scratch I made my own donuts, yeast breads, pies, cakes and even Maryland Beaten Biscuits.  When I turned past the 60 year old mark my baking was reduced to only holiday banana nut or zucchini bread, a more healthy option.  But the last few years I've not even baked those; until this week when I decided to make a banana nut bread.  
Retrieved my stained recipe and it had too much sugar and too much fat.  So went on line and found a Skinny Banana Bread recipe.
Now I'm NOT skinny by any means but do want to reduce my fat and sugar intake and this recipe fit the bill.  To say this was a 'make do' baking event is an understatement.  

First of all I used Egg Beaters instead of a real egg.  Next I had 3 bananas which I'd frozen in March.  I'd learned bananas can be frozen and used in baking but won't look pretty when thawed.  And they weren't pretty!

Well, I was one-third cup short...but I had some fresh blueberries so washed enough to make the 1 1/3 cup and made do.  Plus I wanted to add some walnut pieces in mine.  If that weren't enough 'making do'  I didn't add my ingredients in the proper order, which sometimes ruins some recipes.  Thankfully the bread tastes great and to ensure I don't eat it all in one sitting I cut it in thirds and froze two of them.  There's one more slice left in the first third ~ already had a slice today but I'm feeling indulgent so might fail and eat that last piece.

Yesterday when walking to pick up my mail I carried two bully sticks with me to give to a neighbor's dogs ~ that kind neighbor who sent me the video of Santa visiting our neighborhood.  By the time I got home and checked my email I'd received a photo of Captain and Morgan enjoying their Christmas gift.  Both dogs are recues and are well behaved and affectionate dogs.
Happy hooking.




  1. Your bread probably turned out better than if you'd have followed the recipe :-) I made Christmas cookies and had the ingredients for the frosting, but I don't like frosting so ended up not frosting them. Hubby doesn't care for them so it worked out just fine (waddle waddle - heehee)
    Merry Christmas

  2. I do that if I bake something my husband is not fond of I cut it in slices and feeze it. But how did you just stop baking? It is very relaxing to me.

  3. Merry Christmas to you & yours ~ Happy Healthy & Prosperous New Year too ~

  4. I sent my two grandsons in England each s bully stick. They don’t seem to have them there! They loved them. The little one chewed til she got tired and then the bigger one got to finish it off!
    I love to bake, but I also don’t bake much as I tend to eat it, too!

  5. Looks so good!!!!
    Merry Christmas,,,

  6. Merry, merry Christmas.
    Your bread sounds yummy!
    I'm not a baker. Never will! My two hooking "students" I had yesterday brought me more goodies than I should eat, but they sure are good.

  7. Your bread looks like it came out beautifully! I love to bake, but no one eats it (well, except me, and that's not a good thing) so I have given up and don't bother with holiday baking anymore. But I am one of the small, small, minority who enjoys a good fruit cake. My mother used to make really good ones...but spent days soaking the fruit...and my brother threw out her recipes so I don't have it. I tried buying some, but they were awful (if everyone bought them from bakeries and such, I know why they got such a bad wrap LOL). So this year I decided to treat myself and make some...but since it would only me eating it, decided I'd be clever and bake them in mini loaves, keep one out for now, and freeze the others for later. Well, I miscalculated and by the time I smelled something amiss, they had overflowed...all over. I couldn't even manage to get a baking sheet under them at that point because the sides were covered with hot lava. EEEEK. So, the next day I spent the better part of the day cleaning my over. Guess that will teach me to "treat" myself. Love your little tree...and an even great treasure to have incorporated some family history. Still love that Santa and sheep rug!! Poor stocking this special treats either. It's been a bah humbug kind of holiday. ~Robin~


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