Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Last Antique Rug Show of 2020

It has been a while since posting vintage rugs so thought I'd do just one more before the end of the year.  First is a geometric with 4 horses which measures 28 x 41 and located in Pennsylvania. 
This Floral with scrolls is dated between 1890-1920.  No dimensions were provided but the auction house attributed it to the Amish Community using salvaged fabrics and yarn.
A Cat hooked early 20th century measures 28 x 50.
Definitely a primitive naïve 'make-do' hooked Brown Dog from Downingtown, PA.  Documented as being hooked in the1900s measures 20 x 30.
An e
laborate landscape measuring 33 x 80 from estate in Boise, Idaho.  Said to be hooked 1880.
For those who like to see the back for true colors, here is the back with its couple repairs.  Appears it hasn't faded all that much over the years.
Below is a hooked terrier with a realistic looking brick border. The rug was hooked early 20th century and measures 20 x 35. 
Two Roosters with scrolls dated 1900 is from the collection of Virginia Ramsey,  it measures 27.5 x 44.5.
Recently I acquired photos of two more Barbara E. Merry rugs I hadn't posted on my blog before.  This one was provided to me by Barbara's great grandson Ryan.  Barbara married William Boulter (Ryan's great grandfather) and the house they lived in until until Mr. Boulter died.
And within the last couple days I discovered another lovely hooked rug by Barbara E. Merry.  Yesterday I sent a FB message to Ryan (the great grandson) and Phil (the grandson) with the photo and a link to where it is for sale.  I wanted to give the family an opportunity to purchase an heirloom before posting it on my blog.  
This is a close up of the center which makes her initials more noticeable.  If you would like to purchase this rug you can find it HERE for a very reasonable price.
Today I'll pull a few loops on my Horse and Scrolls rug and  maybe, just maybe there will also be small project going as well.  Hope you have some happy hooking going on in your home too.



  1. Amazing rugs ! The elaborate landscape was incredible ! Barbara Merry's rugs are beautiful too . Always fun to see your rug shows !
    I finished a rug today !!!! Whhooo Hooo !!!! I posted it on a few FB hooking groups. .

  2. I love the antique rug shows. I remember when I first began following your blog, I thought they were your collection :-) That landscape - oh my! That's extraordinary indeed.

  3. That landscape one must have taken forever...at least for me if I did it anyway. LOL
    Happy New Year. Janice

  4. Always enjoy your "shows"....and I am thinking you won't be able to guess which my favorite is this time. Ok...I will tell you so as not to keep you awake tonight.... Oh wait, you're already in bed, aren't you?? ;-) In any event, it's the chickens.... I really love the drab colors. And not to be picky or anything, but you know by now that little things bug the heck out of me. You said the photo of the Barbara's first rug was provided by her great grandson Ryan...but then say that Barbara married Ryan's grandfather...So...you don't even want to know where the genealogy took me puzzling this out LOL. And we won't talk about her marrying a house LOL. Sorry....you know I just can't resist stuff like that. Just remember...I love ya! ;-) ~ET~

  5. Enjoy the shows,,,,
    Love the second one a lot,,,,,and the ROOSTERS!,!!

  6. Such wonderful rugs. I have been cleaning out some of my create and decorate magazines and I found a series they did of antique rug patterns they did. I kept the ones I liked and hopefully there is a reproduction in my future.
    Happy New Year.

  7. That sweet kitten gets my vote this go around.


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