Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas Surprises

While in the attic looking for something I lifted up a container lid and saw a bunch of Christmas items.  What the heck??  So emailed friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) about my surprise.  She suggested I at least look closer to see what is inside.  So I grabbed am arm full and brought them downstairs to photograph.

It isn't the quantity she has and I didn't bring down everything.  Here are a few I grabbed.  Wrapped in my hooked rugs is a vintage Santa with a turn key in the back to play a tune which still works but not well enough to determine the song it is playing.
On the mantel are just a couple items, the Santa on the left was made in the USA.  Wow I think that is a keeper.  I'm not as well informed as Lauren so don't know if that is blow mold or celluloid. 
I live in a development off the main highway and off a country road just outside the city line.  Yesterday afternoon on my walk around the meadow I could hear fire trucks blasting away.  The sound seemed to get closer....and closer.  Then the trucks were entering the development ~ I turned around to see if any of my neighbors houses were on fire; nope.
Then I realized it was the local volunteer fire department and SANTA wishing us a Merry Christmas since the parade had been cancelled.  Sure made our Sunday a very merry day indeed.  I happened to see a neighbor capturing a video of the event.  She had a longer video but couldn't get that one to send.  



  1. What a wonderful day you had! so those are not something you knew about your Christmas treasures? They are wonderful! And you got to see Santa! but I loved seeing the green grass we will not see that for months now.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Seaford VFD is awesome. My nephew is a volunteer.

  3. Love your Santas ! What Fun to see Santa & the parade of Fire Engines !!!

  4. Great fun that you've discovered some Christmas goodies in the attic!!!
    Nor sure about your Santa. Celluloid is very thin and you could easily break/dent it with the squeeze of your fingers. Also many of the pieces I have are very brittle.
    Our fire department did the drive by, too, with Santa but not through my neighborhood.
    Merry, merry Chrtistmas

  5. Oh what fun. I know when my kids were little, Santa would come around in a fire truck and give the kids a bag of "goodies" - an orange, some nuts, candies, etc. The kids loved it.
    Merry Christmas~

  6. How nice to have your very own parade! A wonderful surprise to find those Santa's too! Janice

  7. Ok... that firetruck business would have scared the dickens out of me.'s THAT quiet in Nod. Hope no one working 3rd shift was trying to sleep LOL. Ahhh....sweet treasures!!! I'm glad you got them out at least for a few days' enjoyment (and/or ours). Love that sheep rug! ~Robin~


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