Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Rug Hooking Chit Chat

I've started the binding process on Over the Moon.  This time I'll whip the edge with black wool yarn.  I do it in a two-step process ~ wellll, maybe you'd call it a three-step process.  I roll the foundation forward, clip then whip with a heavy cotton thread and then do the final whipping with wool yarn.  Although it might  seem double/triple work it makes it easier for me and have a more consistent edge after the whipping.  
Don't you just love those little clips??  Those were purchased a few years ago from a fabric store along the quilting wall.  But am sure you could find them on-line too.

Good news for me.... I sold a sizeable Magdalena Goat hooked rug listed on a Facebook page.  Didn't get the price it should be valued at but a price I'm happy with.  

After I first discovered the Magdalena Goat on an auction site I saved a photo and kept track of the auction prices.  Magdalena's family said there was a Goat rug but it had never been discovered until 2017.  It was fun to watch the incremental increase in price slowly until someone knew it WAS a Magdalena Briner Eby rug.  Then the price sky rocketed immediately.  This is the rug which I hooked and just sold; hooked it Magdalena's original size of 29 x 35, with the wool whipped edge it was a tad bigger.
Also hooked it in a smaller size and different colors to give folks a choice of colors to think about when buying a pattern, this one I kept and have on my wall.
And, just so you know, there is a new pattern on my frame.  
OOPS, you can't tell what I'm working on?  Oh dear...guess you'll have to wait until I have more hooked for you to see what it is 😁 .

Another rainy day in Delaware.  Please Santa, bring me a boat.



  1. Tease!
    And congrats again on your rug sale.

  2. so wonderful you sold your rug! Mad money for more wool
    I can't wait to see what you are hooking now. My santa is 99 percent done I will be steaming and binding starting tomorrow

  3. I like the color choice of the rug you kept. Kudos on the sale 😁. I use those little binding clips all the time when binding quilts. They are wonderful! Haven’t been online much the past few weeks. Glad you’re well. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁☃️

  4. Congratulations on the Sale!,,,
    And great Clips, aren't They! If I do bind and whip I use those,,,,

  5. Great News your Rug sold !!!! I like how you are finishing your cute rug & those clips look great too !!! Did you get Snow today ??? We got a foot , looks pretty , but not looking forward to driving out there tomorrow .
    Happy hooking !!!

  6. Yeah...what sissy said.... Ah well, keeps us coming back. ;-) Schnikies on your finishing technique! I usually whip my edges (that is when once on blue moon on a very, very, hot day in January in Nod I actually finish a rug to "finish"), but I just roll my edges forward, pin a bout a foot (or less) with T-pins) and then whip away. No wonder you don't like finishing rugs LOL. So....did your backyard lake freeze over yet??? If so, did you listen while it did?? ;-) ) ~Robin~


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