Thursday, December 3, 2020


As previously mentioned the last several rugs I've hooked have been someone else's design and I'm itching to hook another antique adaptation. The last blog post had some antique rugs in it but needed to do more searching thru my photo files to see what else might interest me.  Here are a few of my picks so far.

Deer grazing with blue house hooked late 19 early 20th century and measures 32 x 52.5.  Of course I wouldn't draw mine out that big.  I'm a push over for deer and horses. 
This early 18th century floral hooked rug has made my heart skip a beat for a few years now.  This one will be challenging to make into a pattern because of the angle hanging from a chair.
Fruit Tree and 13 Birds late 19 century measures 36 x 55 and liked it when posted on my previous blog post.
Stalking Cat 
was hooked early 20th century.   Its stance reminds me of two black cat figurines which were on the fireplace mantle growing up.  This rug measures 20 x 40.
White Horse and scrolls hooked in neutral tones measures 30 x 48.5.  This too has made my heart skip a beat and believe I already have it on paper from drawing it for someone else.  That is unless it is bigger than I wish to hook and would need to reduce the size.  
OH!!!  Almost forgot.... the reclining sheep always seems to be in the pick mix and a beautiful rug choice.  So I've made the decision to save this for the next class with Kris Miller.  Kris was Tanya Wishard's teacher when she hooked it and I love how hers turned out.  As of this moment I don't have a class scheduled with Kris but hope to in the future.
So far I've 5 to think about as I work on the border of Over the Moon and finish binding Woolly Santa.  Yeah, I know, it's taking me forever to bind that small santa but remember ~ I hate binding.



  1. That is the hardest part to choose a pattern !!!! Which ever one you choose will be a Beauty !!!

  2. All of these rugs would be a perfect choice to hook. Dont we all hate binding. Janice

  3. I bound that Santa rug with red and white striped stripes of wool. It turned out pretty cute!

  4. the fruit tree with 13 birds and the blue house are my favorites. There really is not a bad one in the bunch

  5. Like Cathy said, not a bad choice among these, but my top two (thank you for taking Reclining Sheep out of the running ight now as otherwise it would have had to been my top three) are the floral hanging from the chair...and the horse. Not that what my favorites are matters LOL. ~Robin~

  6. I vote for either the deer or the birds and tree.


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