Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas Eve

Perhaps it is time to show you what is on my frame.  This was on my to do list for a while but antique designs have a way of playing 'hooking frames' (a rug hookers version of musical chairs 😁) but now it is a reality.  Wanted to see how my scrolls were turning out and if I need to put more grey in there.
I drew this design for someone else a few months back and she wanted it larger ~ I drew mine out measuring 20 x 33 which is plenty large for me and able to hook the horse in mostly #8 or #8.5.  But as usual will reduce the size as needed just as long as the whole thing didn't require a #6 or smaller.

This is the original antique and I've decided to hook the border antique black like the background.  Which required my making minor adjustments to the outside parts of the scrolls which also affects the entire scroll.
Now wish I'd checked out my hooking and colors on the computer monitor sooner as the color chosen for the horse doesn't look the same in the antique.  Yet, when I took a printed copy of the rug and my iPad to pull wool, it was that piece which looked more like the picture.  Well not in these pictures it doesn't.  Well dang.  Guess I've got a decision to make before I pull any more loops.

I placed a few leftover wool strips, which had been one of the options for the horse, on the horse and frankly I don't see much difference.  And, what I've hooked looks very similar to the antique border in the photo above.  So think I'll leave the loops in because in person the color looks just fine to me.
Merry Christmas Eve to all my readers and followers.  Hope Santa gives you everything you want.  If it is up to the USPS you just might not get it.  

A birthday card from a friend took 2 weeks to arrive.  I ordered a pattern on December 6th from Cushing with just first class postage since there was already a pattern on my frame.  So unless it arrives in the mail today I won't receive it before Christmas.  

Okay, those two experiences were with first class shipping.  Worse is that on 12/16 I sent a rug a RUG, someone purchased using Priority shipping and it was to arrive 12/19.  Tracked the package just now and it still hadn't arrived ~ that is 5 days beyond the expected delivery date.  What the heck is going on with USPS  

Yet they were successful in delivering millions of ballots out and then to voting locations on time.  Unbelievable!!!!!!!  What's wrong with this picture??

Merry Christmas Eve.



  1. Oh, don't get me started on the USPS. My blood is boiling. Earlier in the month a priority package to Chicago (320 miles) took 9 days and one to Florida 11 days.
    I mailed 2 priority packages on December 14. The one going the farthest ~ Las Vegas arrived 2 days ago. The other to Alabama is now in Mississippi. Two first class bubble mailers mailed the same day ~ one going only 125 miles STILL HAS NOT ARRIVED nor the one going to Virginia. But you are so correct about the ballots!!!
    Your rug is off to a GREAT start.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Your rug looks great nice pattern! I mailed a package to my daughter 30 miles away 9 days I ordered something for myself mailed Nov 30th still not here in transit they say.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas Eve my friend. Oh I am loving this one!! I agree with your tentative decision about the horse color...I'm not seeing a great deal of difference...but all monitor colors differ.... And I really, really, like you decision to do the outer border in black. I have not mailed much this season...nor am expecting much to be mailed to me...but I agree it is totally nuts...and unacceptable. There truly has to be something else going on there. Incredibly frustrating. Priority "2-day" mail was never really 2 days (more like 3)...but 9-11 days??? And yet we are still paying for the "priority" handling? Yes, I get there are staff shortages...and things are always busier than normal during the holidays....but this seems to be much beyond all that. ~Robin~

  4. Merry Christmas Saundra. It took 2 1/2 weeks for my moms card to arrive to me. Unbelievable is the correct word. The horse on my monitor looks more yellow than the antique version, so I am not sure if you picked the right color. I know in the end you always do! Janice

  5. Merry Christmas,,Saundra!,
    LOOKING great to me!!!
    I love seeing the backs 9f the antique mats to see the true colors ,,,,
    Usually a lot brighter,,,,
    Have a great day,,and thank you for UR posts all year!!!!

  6. My cousin sent me a package on Dec.2, two day priority mail. We both live in PA. It never arrived..he tracked it to NORTH CAROLINA! It finally arrived about Dec.20.....

  7. I think your colors look great on this rug. Don’t even get me started with shipping and postal service. Have a Merry Christmas!!


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