Saturday, December 12, 2020


The other day someone on Facebook asked what we do with our rugs instead of rolling and placing them in a closet.    I have many on walls in various rooms, even more rooms than I'm showing on this post.
Rolled up an in an antique copper boiler (my grandfather's), made into pillows...
On the wall over the bed and in other vessels and walls than shown here.
I've given some to my sweet DIL, hooked one for my son, hooked two for my grandson, gave one to my son to raffle for the American Legion but I've still more than I can rotate on tables and chests.  Yet, I don't plan on stopping hooking in the near future ~ too much wool, too many rugs yet to hook.

So with the encouragement and help from Sandi Lucero (thanks Sandi) I have started a new Facebook page for Woodland Junction Hooked Rugs.

And I've decided that when I'm finished with this cute rug Over the Moon I'll list it on the FB hooked rug page too.  Finished size will be 16 x 22.5.  So if you are interested in having a sweet rug for a little one, as one of my followers called it, contact me.
Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. WOW you sure do have lots of rugs, but an sure they all have a story and make you happy. Janice

  2. I love your wall of rugs! What a great idea to be able to hook them and earn a bit of money for your habit. My husband is always saying you need to sell a few to me. Just not sure anyone wants them except family

  3. Beautiful rug displays!! Good luck on your new venture!

  4. Happy to see you on FB rug hooking site too !!! This cute rug should sell quickly !!!

  5. So many beautiful rugs! I sold 2 small ones recently. The others I listed on FB did not sell and I refuse to totally give them away for pennies :( I'd rather they be rolled up or given to friends or family.

  6. What a fun look into your world GF!! Love the wall of many I have never seen before!! And so many favorites!! The two that stand out for me is the one with the deer above the sofa, and the fun one above your bed. Good luck with the site. I doubt I will ever hook enough to have to worry about "too many rugs" LOL. Hope your week is off to a good start. ~Robin~


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