Sunday, December 20, 2020


Am feeling nostalgic lately.  Perhaps a combination of missing what life was like when I was much younger with no adult worries; could also be do to 9 months of this covid situation, top that with restrictions imposed on us by government for holiday gatherings.  

Last night as I'm readying for bed I turned on my radio, which is set to WGMD (92.7 on the dial) and listened to the Old Classic Radio show.  That station plays classic radio shows on Saturday nights.  Last night was The Jack Benny show.
Boy did I have a few laughs.  Rochester and the woman who plays Jack's wife were there too.  What stood out were the funny innuendoes which today would be considered politically incorrect.  The jokes were funny and I did laugh out loud.  I think the cancel culture and politically correctness has way too far.  

While listening to Jack Benny I could even envision my paternal grandfather leaning over to listen to his radio when my brother and I stayed overnight.  It was a large floor radio similar to this and his sofa would have been to the right of the radio.
Pop-pop smoked a pipe which had a nice familiar aroma whenever we entered his house.  He liked Prince Albert tobacco; my Uncle (Pop-pops youngest son Dallas) put a new can in his casket so he would have some in Heaven.

Getting back to nostalgia, some of the other radio shows I've listened to on Saturday nights while getting ready for bed is The Shadow, Johnny Dollar, Fibber McGee and Molly, and even The Lone Ranger.  Only listen long enough to complete my nightly ritual but the nostalgia remains and reminds me of the kinder past.

Those were the years when my parents, brother and I would have Sunday chicken and dumpling dinners at my maternal grandparent's home.  We were joined by mother's brothers and their families and it was an organized house full of chaos fun.  The boys would bounce down the steps on their butts or slide down the banister while someone would yell to stop that.  At the dinner table, the adult males would make a comment to another one saying something like...."miss a stroke and pass me the mashed potatoes".  

The good times, strong family times.  Then mom-mom passed in her 50's, young for sure and the family dinners stopped.  My parents both worked, I grew up, got married and moved away.  Everyone was too busy to have Sunday family dinners.  

When I moved back to Delaware I continued the tradition of having family dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But then my step-father and mother each had elder problems so we would gather at their house and have snacks and enjoy each other's company.  Then they passed too. 

My son is now carrying on the tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner but I didn't go this year as my DIL had Covid and while I will visit them Christmas Day and exchange gifts I won't be staying long enough for a dinner.  You know, that Covid thing.  

Guess you now know why I'm feeling nostalgic.  Thankfully I've a rug on my frame to keep me occupied and another to finish binding.  

Happy Sunday.



  1. The nostalgic bug hit me to ! I looked at old photos & passed them on to my brothers yesterday , we had fun texting back & forth about our outfits & the neat cars we had growing up . My Grand Father loved cowboy boots & we each got our own pair when I was very little . My bothers got Davey Crocket hats too ! I have kept them out , so when we can all be together again , my kids can see them & hear the stories. My Grand Daughter will laugh seeing the Cmas presents we got .
    It has been snowing here all afternoon & looks so pretty ....just wishing we could all see each for Christmas , our first White Cmas in a long time .

  2. You did a perfect job of bring the past back with your post, Saundra. We did not listen to radio shows growing up...the only radio we had was an old, old, thing that only worked half the time (and then it was static-filled and broke up) and my dad kept that in the barn. But your post did bring back the memories of our family gatherings. My father had no family (his mother, father, and only brother having passed long, long, before us kids were born), but my mother came from a family of 13...and all of them had at least 4 children...and they got together for EVERYTHING....every baptism, confirmation, wedding, holiday, you name it. Now, I wouldn't recognize most of my cousins if I saw them. My mother continued the tradition with us kids and our families until the dysfunction took root. She was the glue that held things together and I miss her so. I have been out of sorts of late as you know...but I think it more melancholy than nostalgia... Am anxious to be through the holidays. ~Robin~

  3. Yes I have been feeling a bit nostalgic myself too. Maybe its because I miss my family. This year has been such a trying one for everyone. I did manage to finally pull some loops on my current rug and it felt good. Janice

  4. How wonderful your son is carrying on the tradition but sad that Covid has ruined it this year. I do not have wonderful family memories of the holidays. My family put the "fun" back in dysfunctional!

  5. Great memories,,,,,
    Too bad about this year!!!!just stay well and healthy,,,,,
    Merry Christmas, Saundra,,,,

  6. You did bring back sweet memories of my mothers parents they owned a little farm and were not rich but rich in love. How I love the old show on TV we could never wait to watch Walt Disney on Sunday nights. I do wish we had those programs here I wonder if they have an app it would be great to listen to in the evening.
    Merry Christmas.


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