Sunday, January 31, 2021

Update on White Horse with Scrolls

But first, for those wondering....I've not yet picked up those knitting needles to either start the cap or to practice on the already started Bev shawl; I will get there.  And that mess has been cleaned up, organized and know where to find the needles.  

The original antique rug was hooked and advertised as a white horse and although my horse isn't real white, that is how I'm naming it to keep the name different from another horse with scrolls design.
There is a winter advisory for our state, it is snowing right now with just a dusting so far.  With the combination of snow and rain along with strong wind and low temps I'm not going anywhere.  Plans are to make a pot of chili for dinner.  

I'm running thru a tank of propane fast ('backup stage') since a heat pump does not do the job when the ground temperatures are below 36*.  The second stage heat source kicks in and propane goes quite fast AND expensive.   I checked and went thru 10% just this week.  I'm down to 35% fill so will need to call tomorrow for a refill I think. 

Wishing you all well and hope you are keeping entertained.  The Covid quarantine doesn't seem as bad during the winter when we'd be stuck inside anyway.  Keep yourself entertained with the crafts you enjoy, the books you like to read or whatever else floats your boat.



  1. This rug looks wonderful , love the pretty colors .
    We are expecting the snow storm beginning Monday morning thru Wednesday , but hopefully we won't get too much , maybe 8" . Then is gets warm & we could have rain on Friday ,just to make things messy & create pot holes !
    Stay warm & cozy !!!

  2. Just love the job you’re doing with that rug! Very antique. I’m Atlantic Canada we are way below our normal snowfall and above our regular temps.

  3. We have been very cold this past week and snow in the forecast for Tue. who knows how much as they have been wrong every time this year. We are using propane for the first time this year husband's workshop and the generator that has to run each Tuesday. I think it is a bit pricey but nothing to compare it to except home heating oil which we supplement with the wood stove.
    that rug is coming out wonderful you must be so pleased!

  4. The rug looks great !!
    I think here in NW Pa. we are dodging this bullet, but we still have over a foot on the ground from last week. Lol

  5. I love that rug! I haven't seen that pattern before. I think we have had our six weeks of winter. We never get enough winter to suit me.
    Oh gosh, I remember using butane and when we would start to get down in the tank. It still gives me a funny feeling in my stomach reading about yours being down to 35 percent. Have a very nice week.

  6. We had hoarfrost Saturday morning and although the actual temperature was only 12 degrees. it was a beautiful morning! The ice is in the river now and there have been eagle sightings now. Love your white horse rug! Janice

  7. I love those scrolls. I've never hooked any.
    It's snowing here in northern Ohio, but I don't think it will be as bad as they predicted. The weather guessers act like it's never snowed!

  8. I know that every time you post your progress on this rug I gush over it. Why break with tradition? ;-) Seriously, for some reason I just love it to pieces....your color choices and technique are just so right. I do think this is my favorite one you've hooked that I've seen yet. We had a dusting last night...less than 2" I think. It's been a weird winter here, but not over by a long shot. Mother Nature's aim has been off and the major "dumps" have gone south of far. I am sure she will "overcorrect" at some point. What's a heat pump?? And what does it run on?? We heat with fuel oil in the main house and propane in my son's "shop" and my husband's garage....and have natural gas at the lake. I had a fuel oil scare a few weeks back.... We are on an "auto refill" program, but hadn't noticed that we hadn't been filled recently (hey...with that many heating bills coming in from all over, I can't really be faulted). The company finally called and said they had been out to fill, but it wouldn't accept any fuel. I checked and I was at about 10%....Of course it was on one of the coldest weekends of the year and had to wait until Monday to call...and then they couldn't come out until mid-week to look at things. Yikes. But, I made it through and we figured out the issue (somehow the line was plugged some place.). Anyways....all's well that ends well...At least that's what they tell me. Hope you had a happy chili and hooking day ~Robin~

  9. Loving UR Mat,,,Saundra,,,,,You have a lot done,,,,
    It's been very cold here this☺past week,,,,Just got our propane tank refilled,,,,So good for awhile!!!
    Stay well and safe ,,,and warm!!

  10. The adaptation of this design is very nice
    I have drawn up one as well but different type of horse.
    Back to the book American Country Folk Crafts. Havent looked at it in many years, so I decided to dig out my copy.
    The horse rug on page 28 is the original
    hooked by Marion Ham (only one "m")
    I had forgotten that this was photographed in the kitchen of Corgi Cottage, home of Tasha Tudor. Good picture of it on page 35. This was hooked for her daughter Gretchen. The Pineapple Antique was hooked by Marion as well. The other rugs were hooked by Bessie Ricker of Maine. She was a wonderful primitive rug hooker and summer student of Marion's. She passed away a few yrs ago. The other rug of the sheep with rug on its back was hooked by Marion as well. I almost forgot about that one. The painting of the farmhouse with the sheep in the forefront was painted by Barbara Ham, the oldest daughter. Nice book...thanks for reminding us about it.
    Stay warm and happy hooking!


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