Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Mitten, Punxsutawney and Propane

Since it is now February I have hung the hooked mitten with greenery and hearts.  Those cotton hearts were made years ago and aren't the same color but as I get no visitors there won't be any issue with that off color discrepancy being noticed.
By now everyone has heard about Punxsutawney Phil's prediction for 6 more weeks of winter.   I'm not the slightest bit surprised since it is cold, windy and snowy.  With a little over 3" of snow on Sunday, then rain and last night more snow I've already had my fill of the white stuff.  Rain melted the first snow yesterday but there is a little new snow covering the ground right now.  Here are a couple pictures of the first snow; standing on the front porch is a view toward the meadow outside my property....
...unshoveled walkway and drive way.  
and the view from my back porch.  
Remember the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray"?  I feel like I'm stuck in my own groundhog movie because the April rug camp from 2020 was rescheduled for this April 2021.  And that one has been cancelled and is scheduled now for the 3rd year to 2022.  Wonder what will happen to Cape May camp this year?  Will it be cancelled again due to Covid too?

Sunday I made a delicious pot of chili and will have some for tonight's dinner; love having leftovers.

This morning I checked the propane level and am at 30% fill.  The tank was filled December 10, 2020 with 201.4 gallons for $513.29.  Am sure the cost will be at least that much and with fracking ending and subsequently price of gas and oil increasing the cost just might be more than that when they deliver.  Sure have gone thru a lot of propane and the highest I keep my heat is 64 degrees as I wear turtlenecks and sweat shirts to keep warm.  But at least I have heat so that's something.



  1. Your snow looks lovely (we've had hardly any). The sooner you get your propane filled the better I think. Glad you're keeping warm though.

  2. Yes propane and gas prices have already gone up here in Michigan. Love your mitten! Perfect for Valentines! Janice

  3. Love your mitten door hanger...I've pulled a few heart things out, but haven't fully put away Halloween, so meh. You sure do have some pretty views though... I have always been partial to wooded properties. We had a few inches on Saturday/Sunday...and are to get a about 4" on Thursday, but then it is going to get frigid...when, as my mom always said, "it's too cold to snow." We've been luckily mild so far this year, but the next 3 months are usually the most brutal for us. Bummer about rug camp...but look on the bright side....it really is only 2 years of cancellation - 2020 and 2021 - not 3. (Yes, I'm ducking.....) ;-) ~Robin~

  4. Very pretty view and your heart mitten is darling. We got about 3 inches last night but another storm is on the way for Sunday. My daughter got about 12 inches but they are happy skiers. We just had propane delivered this week like I said we do not use it for the house just the workshop and the generator.
    We kept the woodstove going most of the day today so I rarely heard the furnace (heating oil)
    That ground hog just once I would like an early spring

  5. Love UR door decoration!!!your snow view is pretty,,,,We have had sunny vvfridgid days which are coming to an end it looks like,,,,More Snow!,
    Our propane tank just filled,,,,a good feeling,,,,

  6. We got a whack of snow too and it’s beautiful. Glad we sold our big house— our worst power/electric heat bill for one month was $750.

  7. Your mitten looks so pretty with the greenery & hearts !
    Your yard & views look so pretty & the snow just makes it look even prettier . We got a Foot of snow ! It is melting , but Friday we get rain , so things will be a sloppy mess !
    Yikes that propane is expensive !!!
    Lets hope we don't have any more deep freeze days !!!

  8. Your snow is lovely, but glad it is yours and not ours. We are total electric here, but I can only imagine what your propane is going to be...ugh. We would be burning up at 74. Our normal daytime setting is 70 and night 67 or so. We are wondering about Caraway in June. I would wager that it will cancel again as well. Stay warm and safe.


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