Monday, March 22, 2021

An Antique Rabbit Rug in Progress

A couple days ago mentioned having a mat on my frame which was inspired by another blog post.  Here is what is on my frame and the rest of the story will unfold in a few minutes.  Again these colors are not how they appear to me but what is picked up by the camera.  Besides, it wouldn't matter anyway since I use wool which is available to me.
Below is the original antique found in Pennsylvania and measured 14 x 15.  Think I mine is about 15 x 16.
That antique piece has been on my 'to hook' list for a while and after seeing sweet Lori's rendition in needle punch decided to hook it and chalk off another from that list.

Must admit I was undecided on which to hook because Lauren's Dancing Bunnies has also been on that same long list.  Since the 2 bunny mat was smaller decided to go with that one first.  Don't worry Lauren I'll get to your chosen bunnies eventually 😉

Ya notice the black tails on bunnies?  My first thought was that the woman didn't have any white to hook the tails so decided to google and found out they are Black-tailed Jackrabbits.  So perhaps the hooked mat migrated to Pennsylvania from Texas.



  1. I love them! Does that surprise you :-) I like bunnies anyways and of course bunnies this time of year seem to lay eggs (haha).

  2. A sweet bunny mat!!!!love bunnies,,,
    I did the dancing bunnies years ago and gave it away!
    Have to see if I have a picture,,,,
    This is one I have never seen,,,,

  3. So sweet...and you are already half done ;-)

  4. this Mummy! I have a thing for bunnies. I really like the color palette too and think you've done an amazing job at replicating the colors of the original. Hmmm, did not know there were such a thing as black-tailed jackrabbits LOL....but I do like the punches that the black adds. I've always loved those dancing rabbits, and Lauren is tempting me with her great color choices. ~Robin~

  5. Never heard of black tailed rabbits. Sweet rug, but of course I am partial to bunnies. Janice

  6. I love this rug. Funny, when I look at it , it appears the rabbits are almost sitting and the tails are the same colour as the rabbits. I see the black spaces as filler. Whichever, it’s amazing


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