Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Ever hear that saying, "I'll sleep on it"?  That's because sometimes the mind figures things out during the sleeping process.  Mid-sleep I began thinking about my never-ending quilt and thought of exchanging the ecru and putting in red .  Went upstairs, pulled out the ecru fabric and with red.  Ah ha!  That's it.
Interestingly enough when I came downstairs after taking that photo I re-checked my email and had a message from Denise suggesting I repeat the sashing from the center, which was blue and red.  Seems my brain was a little slow on the uptake. 

Below are the pattern pieces I used to cut the star quilt.  To make the star blocks I drew out the star on paper the size I wanted, cut out each of the sections then traced them onto sheets of paper adding 1/4" seam allowance.  Did the same for the central large star on a larger piece of paper, which you see to the left of the scissors.
Here are a couple other quilt spreads I've made.  This quilt was a pattern except I added two dogs representing my now departed Rottweiler's Shumba and Panzer.  There used to be embroidered words, "Home is where the Heart Is" but that got worn/washed off.
Also made this Cabin quilt (spread) from a pattern which could be on my book shelf in the sewing room still.
And made this easy winter quilt and as you can see I took the easy way with huge blocks.  It was a primitive quilt and think this pattern is still around somewhere too.  
So guess in my mind I was a self-proclaimed expert at making quilts so though I'd conjure up one, namely the star quilt a/k/a never-ending quilt.



  1. I had no idea you were such a quilter. I have made exactly NONE!
    You slept good! Perfect solution.

  2. Yes sleeping on it always seems best. Good decision. Janice

  3. You ARE quite the quilter! And all that appliqué work...yikes! I have had a small appliqué project (NO, NOT a quilt...just a wee mat) kitted up for some time. I came across it not too long ago trying to decide what my "next" project would me. I stuffed that sucker back so fast it'd make your head spin. ~Robin~

  4. Wow,,,,Great quilts,,, Like the sleep ideas!!!!

  5. Looks like you are on your way now!! When you say spread, does that mean it is backed with fabric, but no batting or quilting?

  6. I'm glad you slept on it, and Denise's idea sank in. I like this combination the best.

  7. I hit "publish" too soon... Your idea of putting dogs on the one quilt took it from OK to Very Cool. I try to imagine it as the pattern was, and it seems like it might have been just a bit...ordinary? without your addition.


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