Thursday, March 18, 2021

Last Loop

Pulled the last loop on the Shield part of a triptych antique hooked rug and am quite pleased with the way it turned out.  Love the idea of doing the other two sections but who knows what this fickle hooker will do.  Now it needs to be bound along with finishing binding The White Horse and Scrolls.
Guess it isn't a secret there's another pattern on my frame, it's small and has been on my to hook list for a while.  It took another hooker to get me motivated.  You'll get the story in another post so stay tuned.



  1. The shield turned out perfectly!!!
    Are there some Dancing Bunnies on your frame???

  2. Love it,,so fast ,,,
    Wonder what's next,,,,

  3. Perfecto! I just love it. I’ve started an antique pattern but am sllooowww.

  4. Nice finish. Look forward to seeing what’s up next.

  5. That turned out fantastically! And am glad to read you are considering doing the other two parts of the triptych. ;-) ~Robin~


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