Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Dinosaur ...

 ...a/k/a The Never-Ending Quilt and want this dinosaur done.  There was no pattern to follow as I made up my own design.  No, I'm not a qualified quilt designer and should have never taken on this task for that very reason.  But have found myself at the point of no return.

Have decided not to make any more star blocks but rather add size needed for a king bed by adding trim around the edge.  Why no sashing between blocks you ask?  Because when it came time to figure out how that would affect the overall dimensions with that added equation I folded up everything and put the tote in the attic.  When the tote and contents was found a few years later decided just to sew those suckers together without sashing.

Looking on the far left of this photo and the very back row of star blocks those still need to be stitched together.
After that I've got to decide which colors to use for the border all the way around ~ light against star blocks to blend the light in the blocks then use a small plaid blue edge?
Or below, light sashing next to star blocks and larger plaid border?
Could also sew a blue sashing nearest the star blocks with a light edge?
Will walk by it and see which speaks to me, thankfully it is upstairs on my sewing room floor not where I hook so won't trip over it. 

A word of advice for novice quilters...don't try this at home without a pattern to follow. 😒



  1. what a lovely quilt I wish I liked to sew. I love all the choices of the border

  2. Wow , this will be beautiful when you get it all done ! My mother made quilts and I have never wanted to attempt to make one myself !!! She did everything without fancy cutters & every single stitch was the same size & every corner was perfectly matched . I just don't have the patience for that . I admire you for doing all this beautiful handwork & designing it !!!

  3. My gosh! Your own design?! What talent!! I’m amazed. I think the larger plaid detracts from the centre design. Don’t know why but.... the other choices are nice.

  4. Oh I did make this mistake. Thought I could quilt myself just a big pillow...well that project never got finished. Love your stars though. Nice Colors! Janice

  5. I have quilt dinosaurs stashed in as many places as I have hooking dinosaurs...if not more LOL. Unlike yours, mine have no real hope of ever being finished. Sigh. (But, I could send them to you??? JK LOL...) Hmmm, I think my favorite option is your first one. I don't care for the lighter fabric on the outer edge. But who am I to say? ~Robin~

  6. It is going to be wonderful no matter how you finish it.

  7. Wow,,,,I really like it!!! Good for you to finish it,,,,

  8. It looks great! You could repeat what you’ve done around the center star on the borders.

  9. I think you are shortchanging yourself. For myself, there's something extra satisfying about doing my own thing, instead of blindly following a pattern or kit. I'm NOT dissing those that do only patterns or kits!! I'd rather people do that than not doing at all.

    The stars look fine with no sashing between. It might not be your original vision, but sometimes the quilt wants something else. Woes lie in wait if you don't listen to it. And you get extra credit for not swiping the border fabrics for another project.

  10. I love this quilt. It has lingered too long....but then who am I to judge...lol. It’s going to look great. Don’t overthink. Just go for it. Trust your gut.


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