Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Time for an Antique Rug Show

This topic seems to get the most attention with viewers who are either looking for another pattern to hook, a design to draw for profit or perhaps just enjoy the seeing the old rugs for entertainment.

This first one has large snowflake-looking flowers and hearts in the corners.  According to the auction site  it was hooked 1900 and measures 20 x 39.
An Equine profile hooked pre 1900; such a shame is it is such bad shape.  It measures 24 x 30 and this is the front.
A view of the back to see the true colors.  Of course the burlap hides some of the colors.
And to get a close-up of the hooked edge you can see a lot of knit was used.
Eagle measures 29 x 53 and was hooked late 19th century.
The center has hearts (or are they apples), diamonds and central star.  The lovely design is said to be circa 1890 and measures 38 x 49.  Also in very good shape.
Here is the back side corner.
White 1900's Horse measures 22 x 34.
Usually all antique rugs make me happy.  But this one disturbed me when I looked at it and decided to post it anyway since there is a lesson here.  The w
hite dog rug measures 19 x 36.  At first glance it looks like a geometric border on the end.  But  with that more narrow back it looks as tho it is a dog in a box and it is barking to be released.
Don't want to end on a sour note so will post one more antique.  This one is an old Hutchinson design named I Want My Oats.
Happy hooking.



  1. Enjoyed these rugs, but was mesmerized by that first one. I may have to draw it up and do it one day if allowed to. Janice

  2. I always love seeing the old rugs thank you once again

  3. Awwww....I think you just may be correct about the dog unfortunately. Once you see something that disturbs, you just can't "unsee" it. Poor puppy. 😿 My favorites are the first two... Wow, that horse must have been a stunner in its day. ~Robin~

  4. Amazing mats, again,,,,the horse is great!

  5. That horse head is wonderful!! Like you said, too bad about the condition.

  6. You just always have a treasure trove of antique rugs!
    Thanks again for sharing.

  7. Always love your rug shows !!!


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