Saturday, March 20, 2021

Chit Chat Smorgasbord

Have been going thru and trashing more magazines ~ why oh why did I keep all these Country Living, Country Sampler, Mary Englebreit's Home Companion, etc?  Taking up space, clutter and haven't been looked at for years until recently only to get tossed anyway. 

BUT...I did see a couple interesting photos which I scanned and saved.  Sadly since it was scanned from a magazine it isn't very clear.  It is Olde Cat hooked 1880.
Finally have a full view of the Antique Peddler which was found in a 2005 issue of Country Sampler.  The photo I had of it previously only showed the top tongues.  Again it is a grainy photo since it was scanned from a magazine.
Something I  hadn't noticed when first buying the magazine in 1999 was this bunny on Bike at the bottom right.  This is the artwork of Chris Roberts Antieau and the bunny is one of the characters in the rug pattern sold by Vermont Folk Art named "Wee Folk".   
Here is the Wee Folk rug I hooked and look at the distinct similarity of the bunnies.  Wonder if Chris designed the entire rug or if someone else was inspired by her bunny in the magazine and used it as inspiration to design this???  
And finally a complaint about ebay....this morning I'd planned to relist items which had not sold two or three weeks ago.  Hit the 'relist' and learned they no longer accept PayPal but want my bank account so they may handle their own payment from end to end.   
Which means if I buy, I'd need pay eBay out of my bank account.  No thank you!!!!  Too damn much personal information is now required which makes us (me) more vulnerable to theft and those unscrupulous scammers.

Happy Saturday and happy hooking.



  1. I love the old cat!! (Of course!) And your Wee Folk rug!! I don't believe I have seen that before. I wish I could say you inspired me to tackle my ancient stacks of magazines....but, sadly, it only makes me feel guilty. I suppose if I start with all the Country Living it may be easier...but dang...there were some good recipes in there LOL. I know it would be another rabbit hole to fall into....and, as you know, I have enough rabbit holes already to climb out of. Happy Spring! ~Robin~

  2. I love that cat too! I have been pitching magazines too I have no idea why I saved so many. I have not sold anything on ebay for a couple of years doesn't sound like I am going to.

  3. We sell on Ebay. They take the fee out before depositing to your bank account. Actually easier than Paypal where you had to transfer the money and then make sure you kept enough in there for fees. Love the kitty! Janice

  4. Love the cat mat,,,,,
    My mags are piling up,,,,Kind haven't bought any for years now!!! Need to slowly sort and pass them on,,,,,

  5. Years ago I got rid of maybe 15 years of Country Living magazines and was then sorry...sigh. I should have gone through them first. CL sure isn't the magazine it used to be!!!
    I have hundreds of magazines I should go through. Heck, I have tons of everything I should go through. My kids will hate me when I'm gone...but hopefully not for a long time ;-)

  6. I went thru all my magazines & tore out pages I liked & had those in folders ...well they hit the garbage too !!! LOL
    Love your Wee Folk Rug ! The Old Kitty rug has such pretty borders .
    Hope you are enjoying some nice Spring weather is just Beautiful here in Massachusetts !!!

  7. I did that a while back also, the pictures which I liked I cut out and it took a lot less space. Often I will give them to Goodwill, somebody else can still read them.

  8. I have some magazines I keep and will be hard pressed to part with - Threads, Piecework, Antique Samplers & Needlework, and Quilters Newsletter (SOOO wish they could make archive DVD of that one). The 2 decorating magazines I get now, I scan what I want and toss it on the pile to take to book reseller when the next issues comes. The quilt magazines get clipped and put to recycle pile. I'm not sure why I even do that, since I have clippings and scans from years ago that I haven't looked at since. We'll not discuss the many notebooks of recipes. Good for you for tackling getting rid of old magazines. I'm glad when I find old Quilters Newsletters someone got rid off.

    The ebay and bank account thing is for sellers only? Perhaps I should see if I can still get into my ebay and pp accounts and see what they're up to these days.

  9. You'll need to hook the dog with a happier surrounding. I love the antique rugs!


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