Saturday, March 13, 2021

Springing Forward

Interesting how nature show us which colors mix well with one another.  Look at this crocus group with lavender, orange and yellow.  Should have taken pictures 2 days ago when the blooms in the yard were more abundant.  But figured I'd do it tomorrow.  Failed at a lesson my parents tried to teach me...."don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today".  Hmm, sorry.
The crocus are blooming all over my yard and lots are volunteers from early plantings thanks to the birds, bees and wind.  Daffodils have blooms too which are also planted completely around the property.
The last few days have been wonderful warm temps, even into the low 70s.  But that has started to change, it was only in the 50s today so this evening I have a pot of cabbage soup on the stove.  Lots of wonderful healthy veggies.  
AND... DID YOU KNOW..... that the citric acid you use as a mordant for dying wool is ALSO known as 'sour salt'?  YES!  Years ago when I wanted to reduce my salt content heard Dr. Oz speak about 'sour salt' as a substitute.  Stopped by the local heath food store and inquired.  They never heard of it so I Googled the term SOUR SALT.  

So there ya have my blog post and not a blinking thing about rug hooking 😎.  Happy weekend and happy hooking.



  1. Ummm, color me colorblind...or blonde (whichever or both, I don't care), but I see no yellow or orange in that photo of the crocus??? Lavender, eys...and browns, tans, and greens, but yellow? orange? Maybe that's why I stink at color planning LOL...but I do love the combination of what I DO see. 😉 And good thing I do not dye....I did not know you used citric acid for the mordant. Vinegar I was thinking, but citric acid? Sounds dangerous. That soup looks AMAZING! Please tell me you have a recipe and are willing to share it? I'm a soup pig...and this looks right up my alley. ~r~

  2. See all those colors of spring ,,,Saundra!!,isn't that great,,,,We have a few hints of tulips coming,,,,in sheltered Areas!
    Cabbage soup looks good,,,,Might make some today,,,Not going to be very warm,,,but sunny,,,!!

  3. Yes - I see lavender green and brown in the crocus picture. But lovely snaps. I made a veggie rich soup a few days ago and tossed in tortellini. Yum!

  4. Love seeing those pretty Spring flowers popping up !!! I don't have any of those in my yard , I'm afraid the Chipmunks will eat them up . Your soup looks perfect for the return of chilly temps .

  5. I love cabbage soup. We were warm and wonderful but now it is snow flurries and the wind is blowing and I am happy to settle in for the night.

  6. I only see purple crocus in the first photo. Cabbage soup sounds yummy right now as it is supposed to snow again soon here. Janice


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