Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Beat Goes On

Am truly surprised and honored by the response of people wanting to participate in this Textile Challenge.  Some even enjoyed it so much they wanted a second serving, but me thinks my friend Lauren won't be one of them 😁.  You did a fantastic job on this beauty despite what you think Lauren.
The finished dimensions of her piece is 12 3/4 X 15 1/2; she  used Sari ribbon, woven cotton, paisley, 1 strip of velvet, 2 different wool yarns and an old t-shirt.  So you can see the great wool yarn edge better, here is a close up.  Also note a random color hooked in at the bottom left.  That is exactly what our foremothers would have done when they ran out of the textile they were using for the background.  That gives it character and I love it!
Denise finished her Scrappy Cat and asked to do Magdalena's Pup next.  Some of the cottons she used in this piece she previouslyl cut to do a quilt; but said she's enjoying it much more in this piece than the quilt that almost was.  Sweet looking feline you have there Denise.
Kimm also finished her Hearts in Circles antique adaptation.  She stained hers with coffee and said coffee stains darker and faster than tea.  But Kimm I think it looks lovely.  Maybe you'll try it again in different colors or using tea. 
Rhonda completed her challenge piece and while she complained about not being a good photographer it seems none of us ever get the true colors when photographing our work ~ that's a constant complaint of mine.  Looks good and primitive just how I like it.
Donna started hers yesterday and is making good headway.  She is using quilting cotton, sari ribbon, some yarn and stretch jersey, which, she says Deanne calls 'sexy jersey'.
Pamm finished her velvety tulip today and it is a stunner.  She said the pink and green (which is showing up as a gold/green on my monitor) is hand dyed but the purple velvet has white on the backside and that is what is causing those little threads.   She also said doing this challenge makes her appreciate how easy it is to hook with wool.    Pamm, couldn't agree with you more about the wool ~ and, FYI, all of us who participated had those dang threads with the cotton we used too, not to worry.   
I've been asked how people are finishing their pieces.  I just folded back the linen and tacked down, then did the Betsy Reed style of primitive edge.  
To do that I cut 3" strips of like cotton background and twisted it into a ball to wrinkle it until ready to do the edge.  I had a ball of vintage pink and ecru thread to do the whipped edge.  Not fancy but adds to the primitive nature of the challenge.
This morning I began my normal ritual of searching for Covid vaccine in my area then shocked finding availability at my local Walgreens.   Was able to secure an appointment for tomorrow with the 2nd dose in 28 days.  A couple hours later received a phone call from Walgreens saying they had 3 pharmacists on duty and did I want to go in today.  Heck yeah!  So I had my first Pfizer shot today around 1:44 p.m. and will have the second on March 31st.

Happy Hooking and stay safe.



  1. Wow,,,,,I am so impressed with them all!!!
    Such great work,,,,
    Great about UR vaccine,, we are way behind here,,,Not expected to get outside till end of March or April,,,though my 95 year old mom in law got her second one yesterday, she's in a nursing home,,,,

  2. wonderful challenge! And so many good ones too! I just stitched my backing down no fancy finish. so glad you got your shot and hope you are doing well with it.
    It has made a world of difference for us mostly taking the worry out of things.

  3. These are all Great !!! I Love Lauren's yarn for the edging ! And the way you used fabric strips ! I'm going to have to try those ideas too ! I never finished my edges ....
    You were so Lucky to get a shot today !!! On Thursday's Massachusetts updates the websites & it's extremely frustrating trying to sign up when so many of us are all trying at the same time. It's the dumbest system , the fastest typist wins ! You can be signing up & loose your spot & you are back down at the bottom of the list. I just want to cry !!!

  4. Glad you got the first shot. These did turn out well. Very inspiring.

  5. So many fun finishes. Denise's cat is just too fun ;-)

  6. Well of course Sissy would have the tidiest little loops and most precise corners and edges. Sigh. Why does one child always get all the talent?? Seriously, they are all wonderful...and all so wonderfully individual. But, ahhhh....that kitteh! That glorious kitteh!!! I knew he would not disappoint! He just makes me smile. ~Robin~ (Sorry I am still behind hee...and NOT for reasons you may think. Believe it or not (nevermind...I know you'll believe it), my internet is out AGAIN!!) GAAAAHHHH!!!!!


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