Wednesday, March 10, 2021


The last couple days I've felt rejuvenated and wonder if it is the warm weather (60s yesterday and 72 today), feeling safer after my first Covid shot, seeing people walking in the neighborhood, days are getting longer?  Whatever it is has done wonders to my spunk-atude.

Yesterday I didn't post about it but sewed some star blocks together for that never-ending quilt.  As I ran out of pieces, today I cut more fabric to stitch more squares soon.   But those two white pattern pieces require more fabric cut before than can happen.  Would love to put that quilt behind me.
Remember my telling you about a departed rug hooker Joyce Closter?  Her daughter Lea lives in Delaware and her husband has an auto repair shop where I have work done.  She mentioned seeing some loops pulled out loose and some missing wool in a rug and asked if I could fix it.  With the comment that "she would pay me for my work".  WHAT??  Pay me when you've given me all that wool from your beloved mother?  

Picked up the car today along with the rug with just a few spots needing a lift.  Since I had all her mother's wool just knew I'd have the right color for any repairs.  And so I did.  Returned the fixed rug back to Lea before closing today at 5.  Thank you Joyce, I'll take care of your rugs for your daughter.  This is the before photo so you can see it wasn't all that bad.
Am feeling spunky still and even thinking of starting yet another something to hook.  I mean, straight hit and miss hooking is boring, right?  

Check in again because there might be a little sumpin sumpin new on my frame.



  1. What a sweet mat!!!that was nice you fixed it,,,,,as you ,say all the wool ,!still nice!!!!

  2. Even in New Brunswick we’re getting signs of spring! That’s a nice rug. Send me some of your vim and vigor

  3. We are getting a bit of spring here could hit high 60s today but alas we are back to the 20s by monday spring in NH is fickle. How wonderful you can help a daughter love her mother's hooking. I love the colors in your quilt.
    Happy spring

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering what my seemingly improved mood is due to. Three days in the 60s and a bit of rain got rid of all but a few spots where snow was piled from the driveway, back to the 40s next week though.

    Very cool that you could fix the rug with original wools!

  5. We hit 70 here today. Benn grilling every day this week. Back in the 40's tomorrow. So glad you were able to fix the rug. What a kind gesture! Janice

  6. Sweet of you to provide a fix or two. It's late, but I am not even seeing where repairs are needed if that's the "before" photo. Without the wool, finding the perfect match may have been a bit challenging. Can you please send me a dose of your spunk-attude?? We have had some nice spring-like (for us) weather (although that is to take a turn toward more "normal" starting tomorrow), but I am not feeling the joy for some reason. (Ok, maybe for quite a few reasons....) Good luck with the quilt. Think I am about ready to burn my WIP quilt projects LOL. ~Robin~


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