Friday, May 28, 2021

All Hooked ~ Now to Bind

Nope, not the flag.  I'm finished hooking Jewel Basket and going to start binding it very soon.  But not until I draw out the 'next thing' for my frame.  Here it is and am so happy I chose to buy the pattern and hook it a second time after learning a little about rug hooking.
This is how I hooked the same design in 2004.   If you look above you'll  notice some of the leaves were removed , flowers enlarged or moved them.  None of the blue trumpet flowers were hooked that way either.  Subtle changes but I'm much  happier with the new rendition than the old.
The old version looks too sterile with all the same wool for background color.  It's also too matchy matchy.  Maybe because I love antique rugs the imperfect and irregular hooking of the blotchy background is much more interesting and think the new one is warmer and more inviting.

Previously I showed the background wool used but for anyone just tuning in to my blog here they are again.
Blogger must be having inconsistent issues as it doesn't seem to be playing nice for either Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) or Cathy (Acorn Hollow).  But I didn't seem to have a problem posting pictures in the normal way. 

However... Beginning July the 'Follow by Email' widget (feedburner) is going away.  Which means the posts won't automatically go to  you, instead you will need to find me.  That will affect all Blogger people so hope you family of bloggers will inform me if you find an alternative.

I have received spam ads from people offering the service at a cost but I'm not going to pay extra.  I figure if you (the readers) are interested in my blog and what I post, you (the readers) will take the time to look for me.  If I notice a drop in visits then my blog will go away as well.

Guess I'll mosey to my wool room and draw the new small design now since I need a break from the flag and something to generate a new enthusiasm.   



  1. I really, really, love this new rendition Saundra. The background is wonderful. Yup, your modifications are all improvements in my book. I am giving up rehooking the darn stars. I wish I could bind it right away as I need something calming and mindless to do right now, but I don't want to bother my "supplier" to dye some yarn for me as she is frantically preparing for two workshops. I am not motivated to start anything it seems...nor to drag out the stagnant WIPs. Maybe I will go back to stitching for a bit. Have a good Memorial weekend. ~Robin~

  2. Very nice...
    Lovely colors
    Patsy would be pleased with your choices. I can hear her voice right now.
    Safe Memorial weekend.

  3. While I think I like the clear bright colors of the first rug a bit better, I really like the background and changes to the flowers of the second one even more. It's not as "flat"(?) as the first version.

  4. Love your second version of the Jewel Basket , I 'm not fond of things I hooked years ago either . The nice muted colors & textures of wool available now are just so much prettier.
    Blogger drives me crazy !!! I hope I don't loose you , Love visiting you !!
    Very soggy & cool here for Memorial Day weekend . Happy Hooking !!!

  5. Love how it turned out. Would look awesome with a dark tea dyed red ticking binding! I’m working a similar color way rug and that is my plan!

  6. I like your new rendition also for the reasons you stated. It looks richer.

  7. This new rendition of the rug is perfect to me. Isn’t it fun to see how we grow in our craft?? I hate that the follow by email is going away. Maybe there will be something else. I am not good at intentionally going to blogs.

  8. I have never rehooked a rug but I really like both of them for different reasons.
    I posted today and no issues so what ever was the issue it is gone for now.

  9. I do not understand the email widget that is going away as I usually go to my reading list to view my blog friends posts. I really love your newer version of the jewel basket. More primitive to me. Janice


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