Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Thin Blue Line Flag

Hooking the Canton part of the flag has been slow and tedious.  I started hooking the stars in #8.5 and then switched to #9 since I've had good luck hooking stars in the past with Kris Miller's technique.  I do like the #9 better but is still going slow and find myself watching more tv than pulling loops out of hesitancy.  Me thinks this will be my go to for need to hook between projects.  

The reason you see bits of white linen between the loops is because the wool is stiff.  I believe once it is pressed it will be just fine.  
For now I'll continue to work on and finish Jewel Basket and ponder what will go on my frame next. 



  1. Well, your stars are definitely more uniform than mine LOL.... Not sure why you say "hesitancy" as it seems that you have found a fail-proof technique for achieving same-sized and same-shaped stars. Perhaps more monotony/boredom??? Unfortunately, that technique isn't feasible for me given the size of mine....but I am down to only 2 more to go....unless I decide to rip them all out....but I may be over the whole thing at this point. Keep on hookin' ~Robin~

  2. Looking good,,, Slow and steady,,,,,

  3. It's looking good but oh those stars yours look way better than I would do. I am still not hooking much but my gardens are coming along great.

  4. The canton would not be fun to hook. With that said, you are doing a great job.

  5. Thanks for posting the link to Kris' tutorial. I don't remember that post...and I don't remember Kris teaching that when I've had her.

  6. Thanks for the star demo. I probably saw it when you first posted, but didn’t remember. Looks to me that you are making good progress.


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