Friday, October 22, 2021


Yes, vintage rug show time that is.  Have had this IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows hooked rug photo for a while.  It was hooked between 1880-1930 and measures 28 x 38.  Some symbols remind me of the Order of Masons, particularly the seeing eye and perhaps with the limbs in the trees but I forget the count of those limbs.
Below is a Yarn Sewn Tiger Rug which sold for $8,610 and was hooked 19th century.  It measures 34 x 70.
A Landscape pre-1900s, according to the auction site, measures 35.5 x 67.  Nice zig zag border.
Here is the landscape back shot but is much darker for some reason ~ not my doing but the photography of the seller.
I loved this rug when I saw it on the auction site.  Rabbits at a Campfire which measures 26 x 48.  
The hooker did a great job at getting the feel of a camp fire so thought I'd give you a close up.
And a view of the back which is being secured and protected with pillow ticking.
Recently listed for auction is Seat of James Monroe.  It measures 40.5 x 48.5 and was hooked 19th century.  Shame it is so destroyed ~ hooked on burlap.
As it was hooked on burlap you can see how burlap rots and shreds; linen does not do that nearly as easily so make sure to sped a couple dollars more for linen.
Another up for auction was Woman at the Well measuring 18 x 35 circa 1910.  Sorry there is no picture of the back for the original colors.
This next one you might dismiss.  But I think it is a delightful and subtle work of art ~ close your eyes and imagine walking thru an art museum.  Then there is this lone Red Flower with Blue Vase and you dismiss it but look up and learn it was painted by a notable artist.   Frankly I don't know who hooked this piece but I find it wonderful!!!!  Perhaps this will be the next option to the former Tattered Tulip.  The original lovely piece measures 29 x 38.  
Okay, that's all I've got for tonight.  Am looking forward to pulling a few more loops before my bedtime.  

I drained out some water from that #!&!? pond and have put out feelers out there for the landscaping rocks and landscaping ties.  Had promises before but no takers.  



  1. You really find some fun and unusual rug. I love the rabbits/campfire one...I loved it before I even saw it because the backing caught my eye immediately when I pulled up your post....I love that for some reason...and can just imagine the feel of that rug. I also love the tiger one. Pond? Seriously? You're still dinking with that? I thought you put that out of your misery last year. ~Robin~ (PS.... That Odd Fellows rug is yours??? Or you mean you've had it as in you've had the photo for a while?? I'm thinking the latter, but just gotta check you know.... That is quite the collectible....) ~Robin~

  2. love the bunnies and I also love that border on the landscape rug.

  3. I made some plant hangers and an owl wall hanging from jute(?) cording in the 70s when macrame was the hot craft. I put them in boxes to store, they no longer my style. 30 years later, they were all degraded to the point that a light tug tore them apart. And when you remember - burlap (also jute fiber?) is what is rolled out to hold grass seed because it *does* rot. Nope, not good for rugs, wall hangings, or planters, at least not if you want it to last more than a few years.

  4. I forgot to say I love the tiger, he looks so worried - maybe he knew his kind would be in dire straights in the future. And the bunnies around a camp fire - sweet!

  5. I like the woman at the well, a typical rural life of years ago.
    The tiger is my second favorite.

    I was taught rug hooking using burlap but changed to linen backing, but the last order I got I used what may be monks cloth because I couldn't get linen and I think it's one reason I stopped hooking. It took the fun out of hooking.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Love the house with zigzag border!!! The others are amazing ,too,,,,wow!!!

  7. What a shame that the Monroe rug is so damaged. It was really well done.

  8. I thought your pond was long gone. Hopefully soon!

  9. I agree on the flower. That would be my choice to hook...if I ever have time to hook for myself. Too much going on with putting Halloween away at the store and bringing out Christmas now. At least I can look at fantastic rugs that you show! Janice

  10. Always Love your rug shows ! That zig zag border is awesome , but think that would drive me crazy to hook ! Love the Bunnies & the camp fire looks great ! Just amazing how much an old rug can fetch !!! Love the colors of the Woman at the Well . The Red flower reminds me of your fun tulip challenge ....Fun !!!
    Too bad no one wants your pond right now ....maybe in the Spring it will be taken away ??? Happy Hooking !!!

  11. I too like the bunnies. Also, there is something intriguing about the woman at the well like it’s a scene from a story or something. Great show 😁


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