Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Love the Antique but Not Impressed with Mine

Now is when I wish there was a small plus one pattern to hook when I feel overwhelmed or bored.  Knew I should have drawn one before starting this.  But after returning from Cape May I did have two rugs going ~ had the Stacked Birds and this antique horse adaptation so did have two...THEN.

Here is my progress, which is underwhelming when you see what Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) has accomplished.  After looking at this again tomorrow might make some changes OR maybe I'll just gut it out, finish it and call it done.  
At first I wanted to keep the original antique grey horse theme alive but didn't capture that with my wool choices.  Maybe I should have darker wool for the horse so it would appear as the main focus of the rug rather than a light and dark striped horse.  
OR, maybe this needs to go in a UFO pile and draw something else.  

Right now I've lots of yard work to do.  Today I hauled 3 loads of rocks from the pond to a pallet as I'm determined to get that damn pond dismantled one rock and one block of wood at a time before winter.  Am trying to make it easier to get rid of it by ME doing the work and having an easy free 'pick up'.  But I've MANY MORE loads of rocks to put on the pallets before my son comes to dismantle the wood framing.  

Hey, I told myself today as I'm pushing the wheelbarrow .."what doesn't kill me makes me stronger".  Don't worry, I'll do a few loads at a time daily at intervals and give myself a rest.  Besides, I've got to decide what to hook next.



  1. i know when we are not happy with a rug it can be so disheartening. Before you gut it I would start another piece to give it some time. But please be aware of all the weight you are picking up I do not want you to get hurt.

  2. You are being too hard on yourself. Your horse looks great. One good thing about rug hooking, you can always pull out the strips that are not to your taste. Art is an individual thing. Why rush it? When your creative juices flows again, take another try at it.

    Share the photos of your heavy yard work. We'll cheer you on. Yard work is as important as hooking.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Sorry you are not enjoying hooking this rug ....I like your colors ....but taking a break & doing something that will be a breeze might be the way to go .
    I agree with Julia , we will Cheer you on picking up all those rocks , you will be so Buff after all this hard work !!!! And your bone density will be so strong !!!!

  4. I think it's looking good...but what do I know?? My back hurts just thinking about lifting those rocks...and I don't know how large they are...but I am sure larger than my back would tolerate. And, just might fit in that little crocheted bikini when all is said and done.... ;-) ~Robin~

  5. I think your rug looks great...but we are our own worst critic.
    Your rock project doesn't sound like fun. Did you try putting it on move rocks and haul away?

  6. Hope you dont strain yourself with all of those rocks. Your rug is looking good even though you might not think so. Janice


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