Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Hope you've enjoyed the days of rug shows and 'throw down' photos of rugs on the lawn.  I'm still working on my camp rug concentrating on the border now, should have an update soon.  

After returning home (btw it was wonderful to sleep in my own bed), the reality of how many rugs I have hooked really hit me.  So have decided to do something about it by hanging more rugs on the walls.  I removed framed artwork, photos and documents about my wonderful Step-father Edward C. Patterson and will relocate those in the office.  

So now when I walk out of this room (computer room) this is what I will see.  Sorry, not good lighting or could be the angle.  On the left is Lollipop Bouquet and recently hooked is Rooster, Duck and Horse both designed by Magdalena. 
Another photo on the Magdalena hallway is a better picture of the two rugs facing me when walking out.  At the end of the next hallway is Great Granddaughter's Rug only partially in view.
And a photo from an adjoining room showing the Great Granddaughter's Rug in full view but at an angle as well as Magdalena's Dog and Crows.  
The room I'm in is what I refer to now as 'the computer room'.  But it was originally the work out room before becoming an ex.  After the ex left I turned it into a rug hooking room so I could host hook-ins with friends.  His military and skydiving wall hangings went with him and I put rugs on the wall to claim my space.
Another wall with cherished rugs hooked at camps and some home hooked pieces which I'm proud of.
On another wall is Radiant Flower and Herbs. 
My beloved Shadow Memorial is in here too, she is hooked in #8.

I've plans to find a location for other rolled up rugs and enjoy them in full view.  After all, lots of money spent on wool, foundation and other supplies we may as well enjoy our passion and personal works of art in full view.  



  1. Way to go Saundra. It looks impressive. How do you mount them on the walls?
    Some of them look quite large.

  2. Oh...my.... I am SOOO jealous of all your glorious wall space!!! I have absolutely NONE.... Too many dang windows...and just a plain old weird house design. You are on your way to a gallery LOL... I'm impressed that you got those up on the walls so quickly (and seemingly effortlessly??) Hanging a rug is traumatic to me....hence why the Beast is still unfinished. ~Robin~

  3. Newburyarts replied...
    Good for you! They take on an entirely different perspective at that level. Our first attempt at downsizing as empty nesters was the realization of my hooking rugs and being married to a quilter/weaver/knitter. Between the two of us it wasn't much of a downsize...and with eight children and loads of grandchildren
    we needed the room. My rugs are all large and have filled our winter and summer homes. The girls have them as well and now grandchildren. Had them insured...the last count was 530 rugs. Cathy from My Acorn Hollow can attest to a portion of this.
    Barb Carroll had a great idea of hanging them...so now I do with some as well.
    Enjoy them!

  4. Newburyarts replied...
    I keep hooking...and can't seem to stop but the ideas keep coming into my head. Plus a house full of wool and two indoor storage units 12x15 filled with wool...8 need to keep going. At least until I drop.
    Thank you for the rug shows...any and all inspiration is always welcome!
    HAPPY HOOKING to everyone!

  5. Good for getting your work out where you and everyone else can enjoy it! Not to mention making the spaces "you". Looking at the photos, I got to wondering (eek!)... Is it possible to somehow fasten small rugs together and make a larger rug? Similar to what people do making a sampler quilt with blocks of various sizes and add filler strips and blocks to make them all fit and work together. Or would the places where the rugs are joined not stand up to the wear and tear of being on the floor?

  6. Love your beautiful rugs hanging on your walls !!! Looks so pretty ! Wow , Newburyarts sure has hooked a Lot !!!! 530 !!!! Amazing !!!!

    1. Newburyarts replied...
      I think we have met at the Woolen Memories hook-in at the Salem Cross Inn
      Best hook-in of the year in that beautiful historic inn.
      Sandy Mairecki and now Lucille Fests are GREAT!


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