Thursday, October 7, 2021

More Rugs on the Walls

Not only did I put more rugs on the walls but found a better place for heirlooms from my wonderful Step-father Edward C. Patterson (Pat).  Here is an after photo of memories of Pat's military history during his time at Camp David.  Those memories include gifts from President Eisenhower and The Kennedy's for Christmas and documents.
Over to the right side of the photo on the shelf is a photo of Pat, the Presidential Seal and Presidential patch he wore when on duty at Camp David.  The photo below is an award of Service from LBJ and below is a photo of Pat saluting President Eisenhower and President De Gaulle of France exiting a helicopter.  That photo was taken April 24, 1960 as Pat noted on the back of the photo.
A before photo of the wall which looks totally naked in comparison.
The wall to the left has just two rugs with the before photo.  Left is Fat Dog a design by Tonya Robey and on the right of the door is Crow Sampler by Kindred Spirits.
And now with additional rugs... the Early Bird is a pattern by Spruce Ridge but I made a change and added the framing on the left and right of the design.  On the right side of the door is a sheep pattern by Woolley Fox.
There is a third wall in the office which needs attention but haven't decided which rugs to put there yet.  That fourth wall has two floor-to-ceiling bookcases and a window so no rugs will go there.
I've rugs to hang in the kitchen and living room as well as relocating the Shadow Memorial  from the computer room to my bedroom with my other departed fur babies.  

OH, if you were waiting for my version of connecting the 'seasonal mats' from the previous post, don't hold your breath.  I've decided not to pursue that project for a couple reasons but mostly because the blocks have different background colors and cannot think of a good framing color which wouldn't either get lost because of value or wouldn't be an attractive match.  However, it was a wonderful thought-provoking question by Gail.



  1. wonderful photos and your rugs look great. I have rugs on the wall in the bedrooms but that is it most are on the floor.

  2. Your hanging rugs, remind me I need to re-hang a few of mine. Your office is looking good, especially the honors from Pat. Janice

  3. Hanging pictures on the wall is my least favorite thing to do and I would imagine hanging rugs would be even more difficult. You did a great job. It must be time consuming. Now you can enjoy all those treasures.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Holy wall space!!!!!! Once again the green-eyed monster bit me. If I put all my wall space together I don't believe I would have that much. The only good expanse I have is in the new(er) bedroom...and that is still only 1 wall and it is filled with my antique samplers. And I have a phobia about hanging things on walls. It usually takes me about 5 tries to get the nail or hanger or whatever I am using in the right place....and then if I am hanging more than one thing on the same wall, placement paralyzes me. I have a collection of antique gameboards that were to be hung on the wall in my study....they have been leaning against the wall since we finished WWR. :-( (Wanna come visit?? Bring your hammer LOL) ~Robin~ (And I love your changes....your walls look happier now...)

  5. Mats look great on UR walls,,,,,Great job,,,,

  6. Your step father must have been an amazing man!
    Walls look great. It sounds like I have more wall space than Robin, but not nearly as much as you.

  7. In my opinion, more is better. The more you add, the betterI like it.

  8. Wow, what amazing history you have!! That is so cool. I love that. I love your rugs and how you are hanging them.
    Its so nice to see what you have been doing since I have been away.
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  9. Your step father must have had wonderful stories to tell ! Really special heirlooms ! Camp David must be beautiful ....
    Love your rugs hanging on your walls too !!!


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