Monday, October 18, 2021

Still Surrounding Myself With Beauty

Yes I'm slowly hanging more rugs on the walls to enjoy rather than having them rolled up only to be released on occasion.  I did have some rugs on the walls yet it seemed such a waste to have many rolled up and not enjoyed on a daily basis.  I mean this is my home and can decorate it any way I desire.

In the living room I added two rugs to the right side of the fireplace.  The angel and crow is a Red Saltbox design I hooked several years ago with Bev Conway, the mat below is my design of "Use it Up Wear it Out".  The dolls were made by me, by friends or vintage.
On another wall I added another two rugs.  Top left is an antique adaptation of Horse with Scrolls I offer, below that is my original design called Ox Farm, both of which I hooked at home without a teacher.  The larger one is an antique adaptation named Woodland Deer which is a Woolley Fox design and was hooked with the wonderful Barb Carroll.
Another view shows some empty space to the right of Woodland Deer.  On that particular wall I will wait to place the horse antique adaptation I'm presently working on.  But behind the TV I've no idea what I'll put there yet.
Back at the office..... I added 4 rugs to the walls.  In the mirror reflection you can see what is on the other side...a bookcase and Pat's document.
From another angle you can get a better visual of the two rugs on the left and again a view of Pat's memorabilia.  That is an antique mirror and it weighs a ton, it fell to the floor and the frame fractured but the glass itself didn't break ~ thank GOD as I'd have had many more years of bad luck.  Thankfully Tim Ayers had an antique wood restoration guy who brought the original frame back to life.
There are other changes done which I've not posted about yet because the repositions aren't completed yet.  

Received my full tank of propane today and as all nut trees in this wooded development are showing bumper crops it appears it will be a long and cold winter.  But maybe I should read the Farmer's Almanac to double check.  At least when the real cold hits I'm ready.  The next two days are supposed to be rather nice, sunny and in the 70's so will take advantage of that, hopefully you will also.  

Happy hooking and happy life.



  1. I see a them here in your rugs. I've noticed that most of your rugs are animals. They all go well together. It adds a gallery athmosphere to your place. At the pace you're hooking, your walls will soon all be covered, keeping you warm and toasty.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Oops, after I read your email, I saw my typo. It should be "theme" and not "them". I'm always too quick on pushing Publish.

    As I was driving today I noticed the bright florescent colors of the trees and the colors are gorgeous and vibrant in nature and almost magical, but like you, I prefer less vibrant colors in my home and clothing.

  3. Such great art on UR WALLS!!!

  4. Your rugs and walls are terrific! Warm and welcoming! Do you know what happened with Wendy Miller of the Red Saltbox? She seemed to disappear all at once?

  5. Your rugs looks great & make your rooms even cozier & more comfy & inspiring !!! Your mirror is beautiful ....I have several , my mother used to buy those for a few dollars & refinish them & you are right , they are very heavy . I had one fall off the wall in the middle of the night years ago , scared the daylights out of us !!!! You have a lot more room to hang up more !!! Keep hooking !!!LOL !!!

  6. All the rugs look great!!! I assume you must have drywall to hang them so easily. I have plaster walls to hanging things is a PIA.
    LOVE the antique dry sink (?) in the first picture.

  7. You most definitely ARE surrounding yourself with beauty. It must be so satisfying knowing that you were the author of all that beauty. I like how you are grouping like things with like things....and glad to see two of my very favorites have a place of honor together: the horse w/ scrolls and ox farm. Enjoy your weather. We are to get rain tomorrow and lower temps. I guess it's time. We've been living on borrowed time. Sigh. ~Robin~

  8. Looking good. What are you using to hang your rugs?

  9. You finished binding Ox Farm - wahoo! It looks great there.


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