Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Not Much, but a Tad More Hooked

So where has the time gone?  And what have I been doing with my time since posting this rug the last time?  Well.....finding homes for my rugs on the wall, staring, rearranging then walking away to decide later.  That was my MO every single day for a couple weeks and without a decision most days to wait and 'sleep on it'.  Some decisions were finally made yet I've more rugs waiting to find their place in my home.

Now I've decided to concentrate on the horse pattern once again albeit every so slowly.
Tomorrow is supposed to be an almost perfect day for this time of year so need to trim a forsythia bush in desperate need of a hair cut.  Must do yard work while it is still comfortable outside.  

My house needs to be pressure washed, plus I need to wash my deck but will need to find someone to do the seal two days after with a pressure pump.   Someone told me about the solutions one can use with a garden hose and it is able to spray higher (on the home) than with a pressure washer.  Couldn't find the House wash today but did purchase the solution with the convenient unit to attach to the hose for the deck.

Enjoy the last days of good weather as the temps will soon go downward,



  1. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day on Ohio's north coast. I mowed and edged but ran out of time before I did any cutting back. I know these days are numbered ;-(

  2. It looks like you have some heavy work to do outside and are keeping yourself very busy.

    It's been a gorgeous day here as well and I picked the last of the green beans, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and a whole bunch of Italian parsley which my husband helped me to prepare to dehydrate, I weeded and I cut the front lawn with the mulcher lawnmower. Darkness comes so early.

    Take care.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Our perfect days, I fear, are gone for good. Tuesday was nice, albeit windy...and today rainy and cold. Back to typical Nodian weather...sigh. I do, though, enjoy a good rainy day...and sometimes crave them. Horse is looking good...slow and steady wins the race (sometimes). ~Robin~

  4. Your horse rug colours make my heart pitter-patter! Wow. I used to rent a pressure washer and pay our handyman neighbor to do it. He had a blast.

  5. Sounds like a very busy day! Going to visit our pal Loris today for a puppy play date! Can’t wait!!! Enjoy the beautiful day!

  6. A few busy days for you,,,
    Hope to do some things,,,but not today,pouring rain here,,
    Love UR mat

  7. That’s a lot of work!! You know if you trim your forsythia now, that it probably won’t bloom in the spring?? We are wishing for rain here so that we can take a break from watering new shrubs and sod. Nice work on your horse. Soon it will be winter and plenty of time to crank out more rugs.

  8. Yesterday & today are just beautiful ! Perfect days to be outdoors as much as you can . Good luck with your outdoor projects & then have fun hooking !!!

  9. We are all trying to button up before the cold gets here. You have made lot progress but I know how it is when you don't feel like you have.

  10. I have been spending my evenings getting our gift shop ready for Christmas. The weather had been pretty perfect for October, but now we have our first frost advisory tonight. Rug is looking good! Janice


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