Thursday, October 28, 2021


Yo-Heave-Ho about explains it; and to think I used to work out with free weights with my ex and had some damn good muscle definition which I was proud of.  Then I stopped doing that and stopped running road races after my last 10k (6.2 miles) at the age of 50.  Guess I should have kept up mild lifting at least since it would help me now.

This is the result of 8 wheelbarrow loads from the pond (3 loads yesterday and 5 loads today).  My son acquired the pallets for me and I'm slowly transferring the rocks to pallets to make it easier for someone to come get them.  Then my son will come back and dismantle the heavy wood framing of the pond.
Originally I was hoping to offer the rocks free for the taking ~ meaning people would want them and would do the work to get them free.  But I couldn't find anyone who wanted them or willing to do the work.  Obviously I didn't broadcast this on the internet as I didn't want strange men coming here.  So it was only put out to my son's friends, my neighbors, etc.  Did have a friend who said he'd do it for a price but 'he was busy cutting grass at the properties he owned, it was too hot and humid, yada yada.

This is one load in the wheelbarrow and it was plenty hefty for me to maneuver from the backyard to the front at the end of my driveway and out of the way.  That black hose is what I use to drain the pond to the back woods area.  And with the rain coming tomorrow there will be more yet to drain.
There is a lot more work I need to do ~ many more rocks need to be moved and some require digging out with a garden trowel.  There is also the vegetation which I don't want growing in the yard which needs to be disposed of.  However, the daylilies will be saved and transplanted.  
Oh so much more work to do before winter.  And if it doesn't get done before winter it will be here in the spring to work on again.  

Oh, all the net framing of the pond I slowly broke up and disposed of by myself also.  Wish I'd take a photo of that horrible looking area of them leaning against the fencing.  If you look at the 8 sections of wood framing that is where the framed nettings were placed to keep Blue Herons away and leaves from falling in.  Now the leaves are falling in but when they decompose it will become dirt.



  1. You did well Saundra. Lifting rocks is heavy work. I know, we have a rock wall built with flat rocks like yours. I wonder if a garden centre would like to have them or even a landscaping business.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Remind me to never put in a pond.

  3. I had a little pond at my old house. It was much manageable. Hopefully you will get your project finished. Just dont strain yourself. Janice

  4. Oh my aching back!!!
    That is one big honker of a pond.

  5. Wow,!!!too much work for me now!!!
    You are a strong woman,,,,
    Take care,,,

  6. Now I know why you are in such great shape!

  7. Big projects like that seem to get worse before they get better but are rewarding when completed. You could hand them out at Halloween. Kids love rocks.

  8. WOW !!!! That is a Huge Job !!! I hope someone comes to take those nice rocks you hauled !!!
    Lady Locust says to hand out the rocks for Trick or treat !!! LOL ....they would probably end up in the street or thru someones window :-O

  9. So much work but oh those are good rocks for a stone wall!! I am sure someone will take them after all of your work. You must be bone tired at night.


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