Saturday, October 16, 2021

Point of No Return

That is what I said to myself at this point.  However did read on Facebook where someone had pulled every loop from a hooked rug because her choice of colors had changed over the years.    
But I decided I had gone beyond the point of no return and would keep hooking and then see what minor changes to make.  The photo above and this photo below were taken with one camera.
And the photo below was taken with another camera and is closer to the colors I see in person.
When I first started hooking the pattern wasn't sure if I wanted a grey, black or brown horse but did want to show the value differences as in the antique rug.  

Not wanting to rip out the whole dang horse it looks like if I concentrate on the too dark head it might make it more similar to the original.  Albeit different color choices.  But remember Saundra, this is just an antique adaptation AND the person who hooked the original used what she had anyway; so don't sweat the small stuff.😞   So just reverse hooked and replaced a couple strips of wool on the horse's head.  Not perfect maybe but will now work on the background and border.  Will reevaluate the situation later.
The original antique rug is below.
Happy hooking.



  1. I'm just waiting here and in the meantime I thought of checking the Reading List. I'm glad it's you hooking this and not me. For some reason it looks complicated. I'd sooner hook with narrow worm than attempt something like this. It's looking good by the way.

    Happy hooking,
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I think your horse looks great ! The background on the antique rug looks tricky to me ....but I know you will make it look beautiful !!! The colors are soft & pretty .

  3. I actually like the horse both ways. Its the border round the tail that I would change. Good luck! Janice

  4. Like Janice, I like both head versions. I was going to say "don't change the 'dark' head!" and then I saw your tweaks and went "Oh...yeah....") Methinks you know what you're doing...and then some. It is looking awesome. ~Robin~

  5. Happy Hooking it looks great as always.

  6. Looks great ,,,,
    Just do what makes you happy,,,

  7. You are off to a great start! Soon you will have more hooked than me.

  8. Hi Saundra. I am still trying to comment. So far with no success.

  9. Well I see I finally got it! I love your Cape May birds!

  10. Looking good! It looks like a smaller cut than you usually prefer, or a larger rug????


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