Thursday, October 14, 2021

Misc. Chat Chat (EDITED)

Filled up my vehicle two days ago and the gas price had increased to $3.09, and that is the cheapest gas in town.  Drove by there on the way to my doctor visit and the same store is now at $3.17 per gallon and the others nearby were $3.26.  Cannot image how much it is going to cost when I get my in ground propane tank filled.  Maybe I should call now to see if there is an additional charge if I'm at the 50% capacity as it will be cheaper now than in a month or so I'm sure.

This morning I changed out my rugs and put two on the kitchen wall.  Photo is a little dark, sorry.  Wish Kris Miller had an opportunity to see Oh Glorious Day after it was finished but was anxious to finally put it on the wall after showing it at Cape May.  The Karen Kahle design (Simple Gifts) to the left was hooked with Barb Carroll back in 2016.
Another angle and I totally forgot to take a before photo which had a framed print of a sheep and a primitive doll on each side.
EDITED PART:  Friend Jennie of GA emailed me and sent me an edited version of the photo above so she could see the rugs better.  Don't know what she did as the editing but here is a more clear photo.  It's time for me to hit the sack and I'll find out tomorrow what she did.  THANKS Jennie.
Decided to put the Horses and Hearts rug at the entrance to the kitchen from the living room.
A few weeks ago I had a dermatology appointment and had no rug to bind and was bored to tears.  So this morning I picked out the wool for binding and took a photo to see if the color was compatible.  It was and I got some whipping done while there.  Guess there is something good about not having all the rugs bound immediately.
Now I'll happily work on my horse antique adaptation.  Happy hooking.



  1. The cost of gasoline and diesel fuel has gone up here too. It cost me over $70 dollars to fill my Rogue Nissan SUV. I'm sure it will keep going up. We might need to go back to horse and

    The rugs are making their way to the wall, little by little. I don't mind the binding part once I get started but to get started is the problem. The same thing with hemming my husband's pants. He bought 4 new pairs and they all needed to be hemmed. I got one finished and the rest are still waiting for the sewing. I guess they are not a priority.

    Goodness, tomorrow is always halfway through October. Man, I can't believe how fast the time is going.
    Take care and stay well and safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. In the past 8 days the gas started 3.04 then 3.07/3.11 this morning when I had to fill up 3.21 I hate to think about heating oil!!! We got a notice that the electricity is going up 17.2 percent starting the Nov 1st bill. the grocery bill is CRAZY!! We never go out now to a restaurant. We use to go out once a week at least before.I will say our friends are going back to dinner parties at home. I use to love them when we were all raising our children. Thankful for the wood stove this year! Your rugs are lovely as always I am going to take a rug to work and see if I can bind it there it is quiet now that the tourist are gone.

  3. Gas here is already $3.39. UGH Supposed to get even higher. I would get your heating oil soon. Your rugs look wonderful in their new spots. I still have to decide where I am going to put 2 of mine I had to take down from my kitchen. Janice

  4. Wait...what?? Your kitchen is large enough to have two rugs on the wall??? Yikes woman.... I repeat: Yikes. And please, please, PLEASE don't get me started on the cost of things...nor the AVAILABILITY of things. You, I, and all other readers would sorely regret it. ~et~

  5. Yes,,,here as well,,,,,Going to be long winter,,,,
    Love UR mats on UR walls,,,,

  6. Gas prices & everything is going up & up & now the fear of not being able to buy the Cmas gifts you want !!!! I cant stand it ! Two of my grand kids have birthdays this month , it was difficult to find them a toy already !!! And trying to find nice outfits that aren't sleezy looking for my 8 year old grand daughter was even harder , do they need to wear Belly Shirts ??? Bah Humbug !!!!

  7. PS ....Love your rugs hanging on your walls !!!!

  8. The price of gas and generally everything, makes me so angry I can barely stand it. Really love your bird stack rug. Not too bright for me. I do wish some of your pics were a little lighter. Do you edit them?

  9. Gas prices in Ohio are going up every few days along with everything else.
    Stacked Birds looks good but the drawing sure is different than the other version you showed.

  10. I know they are rugs, but they are so beautiful, I would have a difficult time putting them on the floor!
    PS- have been gone a lot so am catching up.


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