Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Update on Stacked Birds

Taking one final critical look before I steam and bind this rug.  I've tweaked a few colors but still looks too bright for my primitive palate.  Maybe I need to stick to my passion of antique adaptations.  

It is a design by Margaret Shaw called Stacked Birds.  After finding a photo from a Cape May rug show from 2008 and saw someone else's version I decided to hook it this year.  Here is my unintended BRIGHT version.
Below is the soft beauty I desired and took a copy of it to class.  Did I take too bright colors of wool to class which gave off the wrong vibe?
Full disclosure.....when I emailed Margaret Shaw about this design, sent her the above photo she said it was her design but didn't have the original line drawing but would draw the pattern.  Therefore, the pattern I hooked is somewhat different than the rug from 2008.  So think that answers the question Julia posted in the comments and for others out there wondering.

Could the original photo of the 2008 rug have been a poor photo and mine today is more crisp?  Am not sure.  Don't know where it will fit in my house with antiques but one thing for sure is that my DIL will love it.  And if not I'll try to sell it.



  1. The only difference I noticed is that you have more circles in your version and that they are smaller, and that your stack of birds are facing a different way. Even though the colors are brighter, I think it still looks very nice. Maybe a wash in coffee might tone it down a bit. I've never tried that method.

    Maybe your background is darker so the colors pops up more. I'm sure your daughter in law will love it.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Absolutely love this one!!!!one of my favorites of yours,,,,

  3. I think the first picture looks a little hazy at least on my computer. I love your colors on this I think we all need to get out of our box sometimes.

  4. I LOVE your colour selection! You have created a beautiful rug!

  5. I agree with Cathy - the photo of the original looks a bit hazy and washed out. I know I've seen people dab needlework with coffee, tea or a dye to tone things down or age them . Wouldn't that make it darker, as in dirt of age look, not give that lighter soft faded look of the one in the photo you were wanting to copy?

    I suspect the answer is a combination of all - not the best photo of the original, a few wools were too bright, and your memory of the original shifted over time. I like your version, color-wise. What I do miss on yours is that middle bird looking up at the top bird's behind like he's thinking "don't you dare!"

  6. I think your version looks great ..... maybe put it on the floor & let it tone down naturally ??? Your daughter in law is a Lucky Girl !!!!

  7. I love the washed out look better, but you have to live with it. I do like the design. Janice

  8. Your rendition is beautiful, but I do understand it may be more vibrant than what you are accustomed to and prefer. There are times I see rugs that I really love and admire the color palette but then have to have a sit-down with myself and realize that it just doesn't work for my "environment." But I have a perfect solution: Send it to me and I will put it in my dining room for 6 months and it will be faded to perfection (or beyond). Seriously. ~Robin~


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