Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Presented with a Challenge

I've been presented with a challenge by Gail.  She made a comment on the previous blog post and asked me a question for which I had no answer.  Didn't know the answer because I've never done it before.  Here is her question:   

"Looking at the photos, I got to wondering (eek!)... Is it possible to somehow fasten small rugs  together and make a larger rug? Similar to what people do making a sampler quilt with blocks  of various sizes and add filler strips and blocks to make them all fit and work together. Or would  the places where the rugs are joined not stand up to the wear and tear of being on the floor?"

So got to thinking about the small 8" square seasonal mat exchange I participated in with a group of Yahoo rug hookers in 2012.  Actually it started in the Winter season of 2011 with the other seasons running into 2012.  

That might well be my upcoming personal challenge.  Here is the group of four mats I received in the exchange.  And when putting things in seasonal order always fallback to my childhood show Howdy Doody and Princess Summerfall Winterspring.  Thus  the order of these mats.
We were instructed to just fold back the foundation so the recipient could attach them if they desired.  I didn't consider doing that until Gail posed the question yesterday some 9 years later.

Summer mat was designed and hooked by Debra Hinkle
Fall Maple Leaf designed and hooked by Gail Becker
Winter was hooked and designed by Marci Braun
Spring designed and hooked by Barbara with no last name
Or I could arrange them in the same order but one on top of the other like so, but haven't decided that far ahead.
Am still working on the Stacked Birds rug instead of tackling the challenge but am putting the question to my readers....Have YOU attached mats together and if so do you have a photo you'd like to share with me and post them on my blog?  You can send your picture and tell me how you attached yours together at:



  1. Nope....but I have seen several (and, ahem...own) several cross stitch patterns that do that. Good luck. As for the "framing" method of hanging rugs you mentioned...yes, that is (was??) the plan for the Beast...but I am stymied by (among other things) the same dilemma you mentioned: What happens if I no longer want it hung on the wall?? ~Robin~

  2. I have never heard of piecing together. God luck in your endeavour. I am with Robin.What happens if you want to change your mind...guess you dont. Janice

  3. No I have not I am sure you can but not sure about putting it on the floor

  4. I've never heard of it before this. Sorry, I cannot help but I think it would be problematic to put it on the floor in a busy area.

  5. Not on the floor,,,,,but have put together on Wall with map pins,,,,Just hang them close together,,,,and you don't see the map pins when they are poked thru the hooking,,,,but not actually attached to each other,,,,

  6. One thing that occurred to me is that with a quilt, once the top is assembled, it gets batting, backing and quilting to hold it all together. Unless you make a "potholder" quilt where all the totally finished/quilted & bound blocks are then sewn together. I wonder how you'd get the same support if you combined smaller rugs into one larger one. Back the rugs with one large piece of linen and stitch the smaller ones to that? Use strips of linen to reinforce only the seams? No worries as the rugs on the floor don't shift that much so a simple whip stitch would hold? The whole idea is daft and would only work on wall hangings and even then only if not too large and heavy?

    Those little mats are cute. I think which arrangement I'd use would be dependent on what space I had to put them. I'm glad my question got them out of storage.

  7. I like the idea of using the map pins . I use regular straight pins to hang my rugs. Then you can always switch them out and you have just a little tiny hole.


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