Thursday, December 16, 2021

Rug Eye Candy

I try to do a blog post every other day but yesterday I forgot and am off schedule...again.  Well you know what that means...a rug show.  Doubt anyone is upset about that tho. 

There is something about red, black and gold together which make an outstanding rug.  And so does this one with red flowers and leaves in corner.  It measures 32 x 43.
This Horse and Roosters rug I've liked and had this photo for a while.  Said to be hooked in 1902 but don't have dimensions.  Sorry for the blurry look but the copy I have saved doesn't have high pixel count.  Wish I did have a better photo of it.  So if anyone has a better picture could you send it to me please.
Landscape from the1900s was hooked on burlap with old fabrics.  It measures a huge 72 x 84.
A close up of some fabrics.
Close up of house, sky, trees and birdhouse.
The back of the rug showing repairs.
For some reason I always think of deer rugs as being a winter rug, tho I've Woodland Deer hanging on the living room wall all year long.  Below is a 
deer with flowers and wool tongue border.
An interesting hooked rug of another deer and dog rug which measures 47.5 x 54.  Sorry but have no date when it was hooked.
From the shape and size I'm guessing this was a chair pad.  The black cat was hooked 1920 and measures 14 x 14.5.
The following rug depicting farmers harvesting potatoes has all the signs of it being a Barbara Merry rug but the listing didn't mention her name.  It measures 29.5 x 34 and said to be hooked 20th century.
A well worn pot of dainty flowers hooked early 20th century which measures 36 x 45.
I recently found another antique rug which made my heart skip a beat when I saw it but decided not to show it this time as I'm considering hooking it between Bird Dog and a Granny Donaldson cow blanket design I've chosen.  

Here is the one I'm planning to draw (at this time) ~ but you know me, I'm fickle and might change my mind on which design by the time Lauren, Sheila and Nancy are ready to join me.
If you would like to join in on the fun of hooking the simplicity of a Granny Donaldson design you can check out the designs HERE.  You can draw it any size and if you don't draw your own patterns you can check out Woolley Fox for one she offers named Granny Donaldson's Family.  Or if you prefer I would be happy to draw which ever design you choose and just let me know the size.  This should be a fun and rather easy peasy project because none of the people or animals need any detail.



  1. Some really neat rugs in this show ! The Landscape is huge ! What a lot of work that had to have been ! The dainty flowers is calling to me ...think it's the soft faded colors ???? I Love your design for Granny Donaldson 's challenge rug ! How big is your design ? Looks like fun for 2022 !!!

  2. Wow...that landscape one is much detail given the fabrics used, but I suppose the size makes that possible. I find the second deer rug interesting with the striated background....that had to be quite time consuming and the hooker was very precise with the lines. Impressive. And one last "wow".... those "gentlemen" harvesting the potatoes certainly don't look very happy LOL. Talk about grumpy old men. Then, again, I suppose I would be too if I were digging potatoes. ~Robin~

  3. Great rugs, but I really like that first one. Oh, and the horse...and the dainty flowers, too ;-)

  4. Wow! What a Show!
    Thanks so Much!
    Love the red flowers,,,and the dainty flowers,,!!

  5. Awe - eye candy, yum ! :-) They are all beautiful. That scene is huge. I can't imaging how long it would take. I am finishing up a couple projects and am hoping to start hooking a rug right after the first - have fabrics pulled and everything stacked & ready. It's even simpler than a Granny but am hoping it's a good beginner rug.

  6. My fav is the dainty flower one! Always love seeing these antique rugs. Janice


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