Wednesday, August 3, 2022


It's really anti-climatic at this point because not much has been hooked.  Yet isn't that always the complaint from me and Lauren (Rugs and Pugs)?  Seems we never accomplish as much as we'd hoped.  And sadly that is even more true for Lauren now because I don't think she has pulled a loop in weeks/month since she is preparing for vending at Sauder.

On my frame is Deer and Blue House, an antique adaptation which I drew measuring 21 x 30.  I'm hooking with mostly #9 with some #8.5 and a few #8.
The overdyed wool being used for the buck was an older natural wool purchase from Dorr and it is rough to pull thru the linen, even the #8 cut.  It must have been a coat weight wool, but have my Hartman hooks with the big shank to forge thru the linen to make it work.

In case you're wondering, I do the dashes and dots on the pattern where there's a change in value in the background.  I do it for me as well as customers in case they want to show the gradation in background color.  I usually ask the customer and sometimes the person wants to hook an all solid background and 'do their own thing' which is absolutely understandable.  Just want to give the option.

Horribly hot and humid here so time outside is limited.  My local wonderful weatherman said we will lose one hour this month as now we lose 2 minutes per day in daylight.  And it isn't even 'fall back' time change yet.

Happy hooking.



  1. I so love this rug! A fantastic start. We finally got some raik this evening. Much needed. Janice

  2. what a beautiful pattern, i never get tired of seeing deer. sometimes im lucky enough to catch them walking down our street.. my daughter is a few blocks away and has them in her back yard. always an ah moment for me. you seem to always teach me something and im thankful you explain what you are doing. for example using different cuts, different weights of wool and using different values of color. Thank you! its been hot/humid up north here. I'm more of a upper 60s temp gal.. love fall but unfortunately we have a long haul after that. enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. I like this pattern! It’s very hot here too, especially for being Canada

  4. I really like this rug and I think it's a good idea to mark the graduation of tone. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress. Enjoy. the looping.

    Stay cool. It's hot here too.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. This looks pretty Saundra ....what a good idea to mark the foundation for lights & darks ! I tend to just wing it , but this makes more sense to guide you & prevent you from pulling out colors .
    It is SO HOT & HUMID here today ...UGH
    I heard how the time is changing on our news last night too ....makes me sad , but I am ready for Fall with this weather ! I long for a very rainy day too !!!

    You forgot to tell everyone about your nice article in the new issue of ATHA Rug Hooking Magazine !!! All you followers check it out !!!! Her rugs look Wonderful !!!!

  6. Oh I love your new rug! When August comes we notice the change in light like it happened in one day. Yes I see sneak peeks of fall. But still lots of warm weather ahead. Very hot today

  7. Hot and humid in northern Ohio, too, but I still prefer it over winter.
    Finally...the big reveal. You drew that quite large, me thinks.
    I won't be pulling any loops for a couple more weeks...sigh.

  8. Oooo....I'm liking what I'm seeing. Every time I see your...and Lauren's...pretty little soldier-y loops, I curse myself for packing my hooking so dang tight. I try and try to change my ways, but rarely succeed...Sigh. I am just wired almost every way I guess. We are heating up here too...I think we are supposed to get up to 90 again over the weekend. We had a horrible storm a few nights roof is leaking horribly and parts of the house still haven't dried out. GRRRRR. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  9. I bet this is a fun one to hook. I always like your rugs so won't tell you I like it - Ha! Curious to see the background you choose (graded).

  10. That is interesting about the minutes of daylight we are loosing, Your rug is lovely. It is so hot and humid here with thundershowers too. Just August. I like that deer. I also like the color you are using. I haven't hooked in a few days. I have been trying to deal with the food in my garden. I have been working on getting my freezers and pantries in order. Its been a nice thing to do, though not near like when I had my kids all at home. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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