Thursday, December 7, 2023


Since deer visits have been more frequent of late and I'm on the hunt for a new rug project, that is where my focus is at this time.  One day there were 6 visible ~ one doe with her twins, another doe with her single fawn and a young small antlered buck.  But most days it is the pair of twins which visit my yard.  

The twins were introduced to the yard by the mom while they were still nursing.  Fawns are usually born in the early spring and by November, no longer nursing, the twins started to show up without mom.  That's because it was rut season again and mom was with the big boys.  So there will be more fawns showing up next year.  It is hunting season now and heard gun shots early this morning.  Hope the deer remember this is a hunting safe zone in my yard.

First interesting rug is the two deer, pup, and primitive scrolls in two corners.  No date or size provided.
The stag and tulips rug was hooked early 20th century, measures 32.5 x 44 and from the estate of Kristina Barbara Johnson, Princeton, NJ.
Sometimes when walking out my garage door I will startle a deer and am always amazed at how far and high they can leap.  So a stride like on the rug below is not uncommon.  If I hook it there wouldn't be a hit and miss background tho.
Standing Deer hooked late 19th to early 20th century measures 20 x 42.
Deer and fawn said to be hooked early 1900's.  This is the front.
Notice on the back, again, how they made do by hooking thru folded foundation to secure the edges.  Perhaps they didn't have manufactured cotton rug binding back then.
Forget the putrid purple color ... this rug was said to be hooked in Ontario between 1920-30.  It is a leaping deer so that fits the scenario I'm going for at this second, lol.
Another scene familiar to me when deer visit is eating leaves from the trees or my plants.  This rug measures 21 x 39 on burlap hooked between 1800-1899.
It's not a deer but would be open to hooking another horse rug.  Have had this photo in my files since 2019.  The horse reminds me of cave drawing style.  Auction house said back was inscribed with a date 1866.  Original measures 28 x 46.S
Love this folk art horse below but the border made of angles looks daunting.  It measures 36.5 x 52 and sold for $1,690.  
Still slowly whipping the edge of the eagle rug, just taking my time as I hate binding a rug.  But will post it when done.



  1. I really like the first one but I would take the pup out of it.

  2. Ditto what Cathy said!
    Oh that leaping deer with the purple. That purple makes my head hurt!

  3. I like the leaping deer too but he hit and miss background is a bit too busy for me. I know that you could fix that problem.

    Thanks for another great rug show.

  4. Gosh,,,alot to Love!
    First one is lovely,,,they are all different in unique ways,,

  5. I Love the first one even with the dog ! I like the border on the last one , but does look challenging, you could do that !!! LOL
    I can't get my pictures from my phone to the computer ...UGH !!! So will have to wait to post my great class with Katie Hartner , sorry , it was great

  6. My mom usually has twin fawns every year in her back yard. She loves watching them and no hunting in her town, so they are safe there. Great deer rugs. Janice

  7. 3rd rug up from bottom...looks like our donkey Pinocchio! lol
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm


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