Tuesday, December 5, 2023


The wool yarn did arrive yesterday and I've begun whipping the edges of the eagle rug.  Won't show you any progress until it is completely bound.  But will show you how well the wool matches the rug.  Check out Ali Strebel designs as she does sell various colors of yarn on her web site HERE.  And it is a wonderful thick wool for whipping with one strand.  If you want a special color combination for your rug contact her and she will overdye what you ask.  The special order cost is a couple dollars more per hank than listed on her web site but oh so worth it.   
Had time while waiting for the arrival of the yarn and not hooking the sheep rug, so did the preliminary work to make whipping with yarn go faster.

The sheep has been folded up with the wool strips and will remain in solitary confinement until such time I'm ready to decide it's fate.  Meanwhile I'm working on Going in Circles, which was my plus one project a couple months ago.

Since the sheep has been put to bed (so to speak) I'll be looking for my next one soon.  So  be prepared to see more antique rug posts.



  1. That wool is a perfect match. You are so productive as compared to me in the hooking department. There's just too much going on this week.

    Take care, hugs.

  2. Solitary confinement for the sheep made me giggle. Hopefully he will get a reprieve sooner rather than later. The yarn does match very well. Janice

  3. Your Eagle will soon be in the done pile. Kudos to you ;-)

  4. don't you love Ali's yarn?? the colors are so saturated and rich {plus, she is a peach}
    eagle will be flying high soon!
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  5. It is nice you got such a good match. I don't whip many rugs anymore I am horrible at it so I gave it up.


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