Friday, December 1, 2023


Today's antique rug show will be with geometrics only since there seems to be a collective appreciation for them in the comments received lately.  Plus they really are a great way to use left overs without the worry of detail.  

A brick style rug measuring 24 x 42 is from the collection of Robert Pfannebecker.
Well, scratch the 'detail' comment I made earlier, lol.  Hooked early 20th century is a fan and stars designed geometric measuring 39.5 x 51.
Another geometric from the 
collection of Robert Pfannebecker below measures 23 x 43.
A rather tattered and torn rug around the edges but nice soft colors, no date but this one is 27 x 43.
Prince Edward Island hooked rug, no date but dimensions are 30 x 48.  Brick shapes again.
Said to be hooked 1900 is this doubled star design with hit and miss border.
I LOVE this rug below which was on display at Sauder.  Said to be hooked between 1920 - 1930 and from the collection of Penny Young.
This next geometric looks too pristine to be a legitimate antique despite the fact it is said to be hooked with woven and knit fabrics.  It measures 27 x 38 on burlap.  No date was provided.
Definitely NOT my favorite geometric but she did a design and used what she had.
Nor is this one below my favorite but it is easier on the eyes.
A center medallion with hearts in the corners.  No date but dimensions are 20 x 38.  
Below is a close up of the back so you can see some of the textiles used.
For an even dozen here is a pastel geometric measuring 24 x 34 no date.  Sure wish the antique sellers would always provide an approximate date on the rugs being sold.
That's it for this fun Friday and first day of December.  I've known for almost a year that Christmas would be this month but for some reason didn't expect it to arrive so damn fast. šŸ˜²

Hope you have a happy weekend and stay warm.



  1. Happy December First ! The rush is on !!! YIKES !!! How did that happen ???
    Fun rug show !!!

  2. I like the top mat..."Brick" pattern. It even looks like it includes the mortar.

  3. I kind of like the third geometric with the black pinwheel. The last one is lovely but I don't care for the pastel colors. It would look great in primitive colors. It almost looks like it's a new mat.

    I turned the calendar page this morning. It's crazy how fast the year has gone by. I'm not ready for Christmas. I haven't even thought about it but there are so many Christmas parties happening this coming week. I have to work at one tomorrow and to attend three next week.

    Take care, hugs.

  4. Not a fan of geometrics but I must say I do like that last rug. Janice

  5. Love geometric,,,
    Love them,,scrappy ,,,

  6. Hi Saundra, I enjoy your discussion and pictures of the antique rugs! April


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