Friday, March 17, 2023


Have you received your new issue of ATHA magazine yet?   If so, what did you think of that wonderful free pattern design by Edyth O'Neill and hooked by Cynthia Norwood?   I love Cynthia's colors and plan to hook the pattern also ~ that is after I finish the newly started project.  If you aren't a member of ATHA you should be.  This is the current issue. 
Remember the Textile Challenge I hosted?  There was an article and pictures in a previous issue of ATHA about that too.  You can see the cover of that issue and read a little about it HERE.  The magazine is worth the cost of subscription since you would be reading about what subscribers are doing and contributing to the content.  At the back of the magazine is a schedule of what subjects for photo entries will be forthcoming so you can plan your projects and hook them in time to submit your own photo.  

AND..... by the way, there is also a feature called "First Rug Last Page" where newbies can submit their proud works and I always look forward to that since I was a newbie once too.  Hope to see more of my friends and followers in the magazine.

My new project is another large one (for me that is) which means there is a large area to cover and I've few loops pulled.  Here is a photo of wool I'm working from.  Other colors are in the rug but am not ready to use those yet so those worms or cut wool aren't included in this potpourri of woolie worms.         
My project is my favorite large animal to hook, a horse of course.  When younger and had my own horse, a classmate and I would pack a lunch and ride thru the woods near her family farm.   That was the time when kids respected parents, teachers, police, and there were morals not seen in a lot of kids today; hell, in some adults as well.  Okay, enough of that and moving right along...
I've had watery eyes, sneezing, runny and red nose from rubbing and blowing... yup, must be pollen time again.  My nose is so sore that I've been applying Blistex to help relieve the discomfort, yet it stings when applying the healer.

Happy Friday and happy hooking.



  1. Happy St Patrick's Day.
    So you're finally hooking that horse rug that you showed a while back! It's looking good already. I just wish I had your hooking mojo. You have a lot of worms to work with. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Sorry about your allergies. It's not yet time for pollen here but I see the maple trees are starting to bud up. We still have a lot of snow and I noticed tulip leaves poking out on the south side of the house. It's only a matter of time before pollens shows up here.

    I'll have to check with our hooking group if they have ATHA. We can borrow rug hooking magazines from their library.
    Enjoy the weekend. Hugs

  2. Ooooo this horse will be amazing! I love those worm bags! Doing a de-wormer myself right now. 😊

  3. Oh,,, a horse,, of course!
    Yikes,, spring allergies!
    Snowing again here, ,
    Winter not over,,,

  4. I love that freebie pattern in the ATHA magazine! It truly is a great magazine.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your teaser ;-)

  5. I can't wait to get my issue of ATHA now !!! Your horse will be wonderful and those big bags of worms !!! What size are your worms ?

  6. That horse is already looking amazing. You seem to have a gift for hooking them. The sun is finally out here but not doing anything to melt the mountains of snow we've received the past couple of weeks. Spring, again, will just be a day on the calendar in Nod. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. Am so glad my daughter taught my grandkids to respect others. They say thank you and maam and sir. Very polite kids. Am already loving your new rug! Janice


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